Server performance problem - server FPS, server PING

Hello community,

I need your help!

I have my own VPS hosting on, sever performance:

  • CPU Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v3, E5-2630v4 or 4114 processor - 6 cores available
  • 16 GB RAM (guaranteed)
  • 400 GB SSD
  • 400 Mbit/s port bandwith, UNLIMITED Traffic
  • 200 Gbit upstream
  • Windows server 2016

When server reach around 22 ppl online, I see via toggledebughud command server FPS somewhere around 15, 10, sometimes 5, and even 3
The ping is also high, around 200, sometimes higher.
Some ppl told me they have problem with lags - creatures are teleporting, delays, etc.

I am using Conan Exiles Dedicated Server App:

  • Tickrate setup to 100
  • -useallavailablecores (6)
  • My mods


Do you know how to solve this problem? Maybe there is needed to customize some setup files, maybe something in the windows server OS, maybe the performance of the server is too low… IDK.
I’ve only noticed that this appears only sometimes. Maybe everything is just OK and the server FPS and PING are normal, maybe not synchronized and showing some incorrect numbers.

Thank you for any tips!

Well you are being throttled right there ^. You should look into the total size of your “packets sent” while playing yourself then multiply that by the number of people you see at peak. if its over 400mb you solved it. Try removing all your mods and see how things work out. Add them back one at a time and test them at peak traffic to see how everything runs.

Edit: sorry I told you just to look at packets sent. There should be a tool on the site that lets you see how much of the port bandwidth is being used. both sent and received take up this space. So packets sent will equate to roughly half.

When you look for a host always look for unlimited bandwidth. Because what you were sold is snake oil. Unlimited traffic just means that if you are breaking the 400mb bandwidth they are going to throttle the sht out of anyone visiting your IP.

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Where do I find out the packets used you are talking about?

Somewhere on your dashboard for the server you should have an option to track your traffic. In there there should be indicators. If not, well the best option without downloading anything is to bring up your task manager -> click Open Resource Monitor -> expand the Network tab and watch the Conan exiles application as it is running(with you in game and doing stuff). It will show you both Sent and Received as well as a total.

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Thank you for your help for now. I will test it and let you know.

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One last thing. Mods I use are copied from the other successful RP server with 70/70 players online so I guess this is maybe some performance or configuration issue. IDK. I will have a little chat with my provider regarding the bandwith anyway and share some logs here :slight_smile:

Sounds great man, I’ll continue to give advice until I have none to give.

I havent logged into my game today but I did monitor my packets while watching netflix and saw 2+mb climbs. Doesnt seem like a lot but you said you have 20+ people so your limit is 18mb per person. If at any point you hit that 18 mb mark on your end you know you have a serious issue.

So my provider’s reply:

“We can tell you that the 400 Mbit/s port sufficient. You are using about 1 Mbit/s in average at the moment.”

I have around 20 ppl connected ATM :thinking:

Well thats good news I suppose. “Kind of” eliminates the mods as well. So now look at why your ping is so high.

looking at the host website I dont see where the servers are hosted from. So when you launch your game do you see EU official servers in High ping as well? Excluding the 400mb cap it could still vary well be the host. A lot of EU servers struggle with ping as do eastern and central EU players. Take a look at NA servers and see if your personal ping is lower. 140 is the ping cap for Conan and at 130 you are going to experience lag, stuttering and teleportation. Ping and bandwidth run hand in hand so I apologize for pulling you in another direction now. Ping is the speed in which your packets transfer and bandwidth is the space in which your packets consume per second.

Im sure you are aware of most of if not all of this but I want to explain as much as possible for anyone else reading that might have a similar issue.

btw, if you can sort this out using a VPS instead of a traditional game host is brilliant and more than half the price cheaper.

I will check that.
I think these servers are hosted in Germany and I have players from Czech republic (so not too far). ANYWAY…
Do you think that these problems may cause also the low server FPS? Because server’s CPU is used around 30%, RAM around 50% when I reach 25ppl online. I also need to say that even I see these bad values not every player is telling me there is a problem at all. So I also thought before that this is only not synchronized info between server and client.
See this post Massive Decrease in Server Performance after the 12.10.2018 Update

Ok, read that closed post and its unfortunate there wasnt a dev confirmation reply saying what is causing it just saying that they are looking at it. This problem isnt currently effecting everyone anymore so I’m just assuming it was handled already. Unfortunately though the Germany hosting is troublesome at this point. If you scour the forums you are bound to find a few if not many posts of people complaining about connections from Germany. Got a couple dudes in our discord that cant play with us because of it and they have really good speeds.

So imo I think you are limited right now. If you launch your game and you can see other servers running at way lower pings then I would either contact you provider again and ask why your ping is so darn high or test another host. You can do these tests without your player base ever noticing and make the move during a system restart if you find a better host with a better ping.

If however you are looking at the other conan servers from the client and all of them are 100+ you have the German phenomenon as it should be dubbed (hehe).

Sorry forgot to answer one of your questions. Yes a high ping will result in low FPS.

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OK, thank you. If I will have anything new resolving this I will let you know.
If anyone reading this post has also some other tips, just share them here please :slight_smile:

So I made some tracert and ping tests when the problem occured but everything was clear (very low values of miliseconds). Even host told me there is no issue at their end. So I suppose this is just problem with some configuration with Windows server itself or Dedicated server launcher or maybe the issue is caused by the mods also. IDK.
When I check values in toggledebughud, the ping and server FPS are mostly fine (I have 20ppl online - max 150 PING and around 15 server FPS), but sometimes it drops to enormous negative numbers and then its back to the normal. But sometimes no… When I check server performance, everything seems to be OK, CPU on 30% and RAM around 50% used.
I am really lost here…
But since my players are saying that they does not have big problems, I just give this up. But I am sorry that develepers and support for own conan exiles server is so poor…

Are you able to make any insight into which players are affected and which countries they are connecting from?

I only mention this as I have read in the past that there was an issue with the zone a player is connecting from. They solved their issue using a VPN that was located in the same country zone as the server. Probably totally unrelated to your issue, but figured I would post just in case.

Altho in their case they had no ping issues, so probably not your issue.

You can easily eliminate one variable of your equation by temporarily closing the Dedicated Server Launcher after your server started (you can restart it after, it will just continue from where it was.

If the performance issue continues with the DSL shutdown, you know it’s not in cause.

I see that you’ve done some ping and tracert, which is what I would have suggested, so that’s good.

What I would do is to run the windows Resource Monitor (you can access it from the Task Manager -> Performance Tab -> Open resource monitor) and look at what appears on the top (when sorting by highest) in term of memory usage, cpu usage, disk usage.

Could be something as stupid as an antivirus scanning every single file on the machine, or some misconfigured monitoring software hogging the network.

Ask your players to run tilde toggledebug and periodicly ask for the ping data.

OK let me answer everything here:

  1. Every player is connecting from the same country (Czech republic). The problem is that not every player is fighting, they are mainly role-playing, so they may do not notice any lag, I suppose. And the lower FPS are not all the time.
  2. I contacted my host. They told me everything is fine at their end. I made some tracert tests on my server’s IP and it seems to be OK for me. So please could you be specific what I need to tell to the host?
  3. I disabed active antivirus scanning to prevent s**ts like this.

Here is what I mostly see, CPU: 30%, RAM: 50%, Ethernet: very small amount of traffic from the connectivity I have:

But please, be informed that this issue appears only if I hit like 20+ players. When there is smaller number of players, server is just on 30FPS, max 150 PING. After more players came then the server FPS are lower (around 15 fps) and sometimes it spikes down on the red values, like 3 sFPS, and the ping is higher, but CPU, RAM and Ethernet usage are same…

Let me monitor these values more, I will share here some results when the problem appears.
Edit: maybe there is something wrong inside the server logs, but I cannot read them to recognize what is wrong :frowning:

So check this out. Everyhting seems to be OK with server performance, but 24 players - 400 Ping, 6 Server FPSserver

In PIPPI (mod) I see that every player has approximetly 100+ ping
Server ping is now 200
Some players has around 200 ping
Now it changed to 100 again for some players
But server ping is still 160-200, sometimes hits 400 when server FPS are too low

Current status

Everything is same… I dont get it
And now after a minute again same situation as above - ping 300, server fps 6, 22 players connected
Do I need to change MaxAggroRange or BuildingPreloadRadius? I noticed that some ppl are suggesting to lower there options to improve performance