Massive Decrease in Server Performance after the 12.10.2018 Update

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Server Performance
Server type: RP-PvP
Region: US

With the 12.10.2018 Update, Server Performance has taken a massive hit. I’ll use my server as an example here and share various other servers I have joined.

Solitude is a high-end server. Its hardware includes: i7-8700K 5.0GHz, 16 GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM, and a 480GB Corsair MP500 NVMe PCI SSD.

The CPU is not thermal throttling, system is water cooled. There is no hardware issues, I pulled the server down for a hardware stress test to assure there wasn’t a system instability. Server passed the tests without bluescreening or becoming unstable.

Now onto the problem that is the server performance with this update.

Above is the health report from Solitude at 4:32PM EST today.

Server FPS before this update with 50 people used to be 52-55 FPS. At max population (70/70 players), the Server FPS was 15 low 20-25 high, when nobody was logging in to play. We now drop to 5 Server FPS when players join the server at 70/70 population.

I have done just about everything known, to my knowledge, to increase server performance. From adjusting garbage collection, to disabling most of the logging (the network check that runs every 15 minutes as well).

The server owner of Guardianes de Hyboria has also pitched in on this performance drop. Their server hardware includes: Intel i7-4790K 4.0GHz, 32GB DDR3 1333MHz, 1x240GB SSD.

Here is their health report from this morning.

Their server used to have 20 Server FPS before the update with 50 players online, its now slowed down to a crawl with 5 Server FPS and 57 players online.

I decided to take my report to official servers that I could connect to (ping is now a problem).

I am not writing this post to bash Funcom in any way. Its just “we”, as server owners, are struggling with our player base and server performance. We love your game and do everything we can to keep the communities we form on our servers… together. There’s no reason for dedicated systems of our hardware should be performing this poorly.

We as server owners ask of you, Funcom, to please investigate this. Do something special for us server owners and your community. We understand that this isn’t easy, given a complex game like Conan Exiles on a game engine where most of its game logic is on one CPU thread. However, this wasn’t an issue before the 12.10.2018 update.

Sincerely, your community and server owners.


Yeah, Im seeing the same stuff on officials too. My game runs fine for about the first 15 mins, then everything gets a 15-20 second lag spike constantly. Also happened after the update

This also happens on official server i play. ive used the server report tool.

There was another thread that gave insight into what is causing this issue, and I think its 100% correct. The new event log is receiving so much data (every chest opened, every item taken is recorded etc) that it is causing issues. Example, if I log onto a server my game runs perfectly fine…as soon as I start interacting with chests, loot items etc, my game will lag. This morning I grabbed all my gear from a chest, equipped it (clan leader read off all things in the event log as mine is always empty) and I could not open any door in my base. It would take 20-30 seconds for each to open.

Easy solution to this fix. Revert the event log back to what it used to be…or get rid of it.


Thank you,
I’ll make sure to get some eyes on this.


Can confirm the same performance issues, massive random lag spikes that weren’t there before the patch.
Made the server crash twice now with massive role-backs, it’s okay Funcom we have faith :grin:

Fingers crossed for a hotfix soon.

Kind regards,

Well, here we are 5 days after the patch that broke it all, and nothing yet!

Could you explain more for us other server owners please there is not much info out there about this. thanks

Of course! Anything in the DefaultEngine.ini (located within: C:Path\to\Server\Conan\ConanSandbox\Config) can be copied and pasted into the Engine.ini (located within: C:Path\to\Server\Conan\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer). There you may adjust the values for the options. For example, to disable the “Network Check” that runs every 15 minutes and adjust the network warnings to log virtually 0, you will add this to the Engine.ini:


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hi @Tascha there’s also some related info here that might be handy, plus a bit later in that thread:

I’m also experiencing same downgrade in server performance, don’t know about official servers, but on the private servers lately performance has gone way downhill. No idea if it’s patch or update related but I just wanted to add my opinion, maybe if enough of us show the problem is happening, they take action?

Edit: maybe it’s helpful given what others said, but I’m not using the log screen at all.

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Can confirme the much lower performance on my server since the last patch.

Ever with some mods removed since, the performance was dropping while it was still running fine previously.
And here, i’m often alone on my server, so no heavy impact from a very active player-base.
As soon i approach a bit more “cluttered part” of base, i experience lag i didn’t have before.

I think the more information a server has to catch, and show to player, the more hardware ressources are needed.
I remember when they indrotuced the function to show what in boxes and workstations when hovering over it, i experimented also a slight perf-drops. Similar now, but much worse. Server has to gather log information, by the event-log, thrall-feeding and more.

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Any update from Funcom regarding this issue?

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