Server ping.. fml for relocating

So, I purchased the game almost 3 years ago, and had fun playing with friends on EU servers, as I was based in the EU. Played almost 2 years, then took a break. Had to move to SE Asia for work purposes, and now due to high pings on EU servers, I cannot anymore play with my friends on old EU servers. WTF? From what I can see, 201 ping is the cutoff, and on one of my servers, I have 202.
Now, I have tried the settings and refresh game to no avail. I did at one point get it low enough to log on to one of my two servers to which I have saved characters, but WHY should I have to go in and out, refresh and change settings just to log into a server I was once on daily?! This is frustrating and annoying, and for someone who paid for the game and has thousands of hours logged, embarrassing.
Is there a way to bypass ping rates to play on an old server? Im not a f*cking Chinese hacker…