Server reset but im die

after restart game but im lost all item in my inventory ans my follower die???

Bug Description:

I had sheltered with my pet the server was s hutdown in my face… on the server return inn I died naked and comletement to the east of the map I lost everything my inventory which was precious please give me back my animal with our inventory and my too…!""///$$$%
server-=official server 8002pve the isle of siptah …tag player=Jadevador2020

Expected Behavior:

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They are not able to replace your pet or items


in another game that I will not name it …WOW… we would die we were a ghost and would recover our body… why vs don’t do the same???

Conan doesn’t provide MMO support.

World of Warcraft? =))

There are private servers where you don’t loose your stuff on death and your body leaves server when you logout.

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You may not be able to get your inventory back, but if your animal is alive, it will eventually return to the last place you set it.

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