Server Restart and this happens!

Hi, when the server restarts then i am no longer in the guild. This happens every time.

Best regards Paavopoika

That’s because you tried to transfer that character and it failed. I have a character in that situation as well and a friend of mine has several. It doesn’t happen with all failed transfers, only some of them.

Don’t expect any fixes, just like characters transfers.

Same on my character that failed transfers.
@AndyB please look into this, we can’t transfer characters AND no longer can join guilds

When FUNCOM fix this problem?

When FUNCOM fix this problem and characters transfer?

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When FUNCOM fix this problem and characters transfer???

I make simple answer for you. Never. Funcom no care about problem. Funcom no care about you. Get used to it.

And yet i was flagged for saying ‘‘Never’’ It wasn’t trolling.

Its Official. The Game is considered Officialy in Maitenance Mode keeping the Server Active and Doing Server Restarts Rotating some Events and keep hosting Payment Options and the Item Shop. Thats it.

To make everyone feel even better, you do realize it would take someone from Funcom 2 seconds to post (even if it is a lie) that they are working on it. That would at least make everyone feel better for awhile. That’s how little they care, now go buy your loot boxes.

There hasn’t been a whisper from any of their games except maybe exiles so don’t expect anything for this one.