Server settings, no ownership (not marked with green/no checked)

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [NA]

I’m under server settings at the moment. I have unchecked the setting, “no ownership”

To my understanding, checking it (turning it green) means that anyone can loot, use machines, access anything from anyone, as well as dismantle.

Flagging this means that the ownership rules on the server do no exist. This means that all players can loot all chests, use all machines, dismantle all buildings etc.

Why is it when it’s not checked, (not green) I am able to dismantle a persons base? Yet, cannot open their door to get in their base?

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Are you in admin mode? When you are actively in admin mode you can demolish anyone’s base. As far as I know, the no ownership allows you to access other clans chests (provided they are unlocked) as well as workbenches. It should not allow you to open another clans door or dismantle their property, unless you are in admin mode.

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People can manually lock chests doors cabinet. But leaving benches wheel of pain and such unlocked and unlockable. Which for rpg or community sharing helps. Have done it both ways on my server.

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