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Hey all

Iam trying to reduce the stamina cost on all actions. Xbox G portal server. Everyone tells me its the Stamina Cost Multiplayer but… i cant find it :thinking:
Sorry if a dumb question

That’s because it’s not on the interface, but in the configuration files.
So you need to log in to your g-portal interface and locate your ServerSettings.ini file and add / edit (if already present) the line:
Of course edit it to what you want… it’s a multiplier so the value 1 is 100%, if you want to cut stamina usage to half that would be 0.5

How do i find the serversettings.ini?

it’s in ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\ on the server itself though, so you need to use the file manager platform of the hosting company

I cant find anything like that at all

I don’t believe they get access to those files. He might be out of luck on changing that setting. I think they have to do everything in game and anything not there can’t be touched.

I’m not 100% sure on that though.

I haven’t use gportal myself, so I can’t be certain what they use for the conan server, however based on their website they give FTP access to your server.
If that’s the case then you can use this article to help you access it:

I think there should be some way through the app too though

Yea I don’t know either how gportal does it for xbox servers, if they can use FTP though that would be nice

I dont know mutch but i know Xbox servers have reduced stamina cost. So its posible… somehow :smiley:

I don’t believe they can use FTP, which is why I think there might be a hurdle here.

Its going to be somewhere in configuration on your G-portal panel somewhere. I can’t say exactly where unfortunately, its been 4 years since I last used the service. If other servers are doing it, then you should have an option somewhere you can change.

I found it! I feel REALY dumb now tho. Like realy. Its not on the Gportal site at all. It needs to be done INGAME.

Oh yea… there is a slider for it under survival :)) it sets the same config setting though.
Dunno why it’s categorized under that instead of combat, feels more like a combat variable

Thanks so mutch for the help tho :purple_heart:

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