Server stability and improvement

Hello everyone,

Today I’d like to adress a minor issue that ruins the game for me, and lots of other Exiles.
Server stability is an issue when people have lots of Thralls or pets, Though I think they have to upgrade
that, because this week I’ve not been able to play a proper game. Everyday the server reaches it’s peak
and once it does, the ping reaches 1000, and the fps goes down to 30, everytime this happens you’re likely to be killed and lose your stuff, now for instance, you spend 40$ on this game, another 40$ on DLC’s. then you work hard and spend hours to get what you wanted, all the materials collected, and then you lose it. Mostly, you’re not able to play.

I find this really frustrating since I have limited time due to work, like many others.
Please do something about this…


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