Server transfer with Eldarium scraps

Has anyone actually tried this already ? I’m getting a upload failure message everytime I try and I’m starting to think it’s because of the Eldarium scraps cause that’s the only thing left in my inventory or it is because I’m still an a Clan but there is no mention anywhere that this would hinder that either.

Saw a post from PC when server transfer was released where horses and thralls caused this issue

Or @Ignasi do you maybe know something about this ?

No one ?

What else u have with ? How much weight ur character has? I have transferred with scraps, decayed eldarium and eldarium bars. Send me the rest u have on u so i can help. Some thralls ussually block the procedure

I was up to the point where I only had Eldarium scraps in my inventory and it didn’t work.

Tried again now with more stuff in my inventory and it worked…don’t know what caused the issue but thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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I tried downloading the character from the cloud to my home server now…

There it says import character with Lvl0 and then I again get the tokenfailed message…was there any failure with the upload? As I was lvl 60 when I uploaded and not lvl0 lol

Is there any admin, Mod I can tag who can give atleast somewhat of a guide ? I just hope my character isn’t stuck in limbo now

There’s 100% a bug… I tried to transfer another account , didn’t work…took my farming account and took all items from the account that 5 minutes before couldn’t transfer…for some odd reason my farm char could transfer with the exact same items my other account couldn’t ?

plz provide more details. your character was in a private or official server? and u trying to transfer where? an official or a private server?
the character travel is 24 hrs locked after ur last transfer if i am not mistaken… when was the last transfer u performed a transfer ?

ur farm character probably has more encumbrance than the other one? u cannot transfer when u have more than 99% weight on u…

so share more details so we can compare to what we did to see what is wrong maybe (unless ofc its a bug).

how much was ur encumbrance when u transfered? when u transferred? what was in ur inventory? what type of server u transferred from and what type of server u transfer to? (for example u cannot transfer from pve to pvp servers…)
the more details u can remember the more possible it will be to provide a coorect suggestion buddy…

u sure the other character was uploaded?

I was neither encumbered or anything else.
Im transferring from official pvp to official pvp.
Yeah the upload was successful since the character is gone from the server I uploaded him from ( Account 1 which can’t be downloaded on another server now for some reason )

Account 2 and 3 had around 70% weight, account 2 got the tokenfailed message when uploaded, then I tried with account 3 ( my farm character ), took all the items I wanted to bring over with account 2 and it worked…which makes 0 sense…it’s almost as if some account are bugged

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