Servers.... prolly again

Ok, first of… where did official server#1337 go? bring it back please? with all our stuff…
2nd… add more servers? so there is atleast a few servers that are less then 40/40… kinda hard for 2 ppl or more to join and play as a team when all the servers are full!
And no, an unofficial server is not an option as there is no way i’d truse some 13y old admin, and there is no new servers we can buy… they are all sold out…



I’d trust a 13 year old admin over official servers for both this game and Ark.

That is not going to happen. All of the servers were wiped on 08-May when the game was officially launched. Your characters and stuff are gone forever along with every other player’s character and stuff.

There servers have all been renamed so the server number will most likely not return either.

It’s not an pre launch server :slight_smile: it vent down last night :frowning:

My bad. I thought they were only using numbers in the 2000s or higher after the launch.

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