Servers with different raidtime

Hi funcom team,

im playing CE with my friends on a PVP Server. We are all between 30-40 years old, working and having a family. The earliest time we can come online is around 8pm. this means, that every day other clans have three hours raiding time before someone can defend our base ( if there is anything left from our base ).
This gets really annoying over time. i like the game a lot, and i bought every DLC, but every time i get offline raided, i lose a little bit more motivation to rebuild.
Dont get me wrong, i like PVP, and if i lose my base after a good fight, its ok. but i want to fight, not log in and everything is gone.

I know that i can join a private server, or even host one by myself, but there are many problems associated with it: most private server admins are childish and unfair, and for hosting an own server i need time and have to advertise: no thanks.

so please consider the possibility of different raid times for older people. its not even a big thing for you to implement, its just a configuration change which will make a lot of ( good paying ) customers happy.

thanks for reading

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I’d also like to see a variety of raid times. I live in Hawaii and I’m squarely between Oceania and pacific timezones. So either I miss the first half of raid windows due to work or I miss the second half because I need to sleep before work.

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