Serveur PVE-Conflit Impossible de bouger


Je souhaite jouer sur des serveurs pVE-conflit zone UE problème, impossible de bouger mon personnage en marchant. Seul les roulades marches… Moi qui voulait me remettre à jouer, c’est vraiment pénible surtout sur des serveurs officiels.

Une solution ?

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Yes, I posted same problem, actually maybe we are on same server. They’re not giving a solution even when the official server issues posts have increased exponentially on ps4. Issues trying to enter on server #3051, all objects lost gta

Hello @lecomte38u, what’s your current region and which specific servers are giving you connectivity issues?

Also, is your console on a wired connection?

Hello Hugo,

Yes my console is connected with a wired connection.

I try the 6 PVE-Conflit in UE and always the same problems… So i’am going on Asia servers x)

I think this problem is due to too many builds on the server, a big lot of bug… Impossible to move, ours constructions don’t appear on the map etc…

We’ll reach out to you privately to run some additional tests.

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