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Funcom took my money for 2 months worth of gameplay on 11-02-2022 & I’m still FTP & not a premium player. I submitted 3 tickets through customer support & I have yet to receive an answer from them… I’m running out of options to resolve this issue… ticket#1202073

I have the same problem. I purchased a monthly subscription yesterday (31Jan2022) and it still shows the purchase as “pending”.

I also purchased the Turan expansion pack through the game shop using Funcom points, and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not in my inventory. It’s not in the Claims list. It appears that the game’s purchase functionality is completely broken this holiday weekend.

this kind of problem is well known. is will be fixed one day

If you’re just talking about the quests, all you need to do is go to Tali? in the Khemi souk to get the direction quest to the transport guy across the water from the Serpent’s Head Inn.

Generally a log out and log back in is needed to get the game system to update.

Logging out and back in again was the first thing I did. But the expansion pack still does not show in my Claims list. And when I speak to the transport guy across the water, the window still pops up telling me that I need to purchase the expansion pack.

I guess their shopping cart system just isn’t working over the holiday weekend?

Does it show on your account page ?

I am pretty sure expansion packs are not claimable items, the area just gets unlocked.
You need to talk to Tali, not the transport guy, on Khemi Island, she should have a ! and a quest for you.

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