Set and Mitra archpriest grind feels out of place

Hello, I recently bought this game and greatly enjoyed my first 100 hours. However, when I decided to go looking for a Mitra archpriest I quickly stopped having fun and considered quitting. I spent about 24 hours over the course of several days looking for one until I gave up with nothing to show for it and forced myself to try other objectives. In that time I could have built a full t3 base, gotten dozens of named thralls, gotten dozens of flawless epic armor sets, etc.
While this type of tedious, pure RNG grind may have it’s place in a persistent MMO, in my opinion this type of mechanic does not belong in a fast paced survival game (unless I missed the phrase “play the lottery” in between Build,Survive, and Dominate). Here is my suggestion on how to streamline the process so it gels better with the rest of the game, while still keeping God’s hard to get.

Problem 1: Grinding for a Mitra and Set archpriest is extremely mind-numbing due to the fixed spawn location.

Solution 1: Randomize the spawn locations so the only way to find them is by organically exploring the world.

Problem 2: Grind is heavily RNG based, which dosen’t fit in with the rest of the game.

Solution 2: Instead of needing an archpriest for a God, change the amount of tokens to 1,000, 5,000, or [Insert Number here]. Archpriest can then be used to reduce this amount. This way God’s are still equally hard to get, but without the RNG element.

Problem 3:
Set and Mitra archpriests are way harder than the others to get. This can screw new players who want to complete the journey step but unknowingly picked these two.

Solution 3: Normalize the spawn rates relative to the power of God. Jhebal Sag is about 100x easier to get than Mitra, but to my knowledge it is not 100x weaker. (correct me if Im wrong, haven’t tested)

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