Set Antidote unfair

This post relates specifically to hangovers. I fully believe Set should have the best poison and in no way do I complain about poison damage.

Ok so call me a romantic, a fool, an idiot, you would probably be right, but my god, why is adoring the last god I would worship the ONLY way to get the antidote that cures hangovers? That is so unfair for the player, it’s a frigging hangover, any apothecary can cure that… with more alcohol, think of it as a Bloody Merry at 9am after a rough night. Have some kind of exchange vendor at Sepemeru or allow for learning the curative mixture; again, not talking about poison, for Pete’s sake, but don’t force the player to do something he/she would never do just to get a crucial item… or at least crucial for me. I Single Play; people scare the hell out of me, and I have never felt so fulfilled and happy with a game than with Conan (If you are your own admin; omg bugs galore), but I roleplay on my own, weave my own stories and set my game according to the character of my character (pardon redundancy). I am a Nordheimer and I love to drink alcoholic brews, yet I can’t, on account of a sudden hangover in the middle of a tough fight. I want to use my brewer dammit and I am not going to build a temple to a god I despise for something as menial… hell, if I so much as see a Stygian Set worshiper I slay it with joy. My god is Mitra, that is who I am. I abhor human sacrifice, slay the wicked and protect those who cannot protect themselves, and blah blah blah, and yes, there are alternative ways of playing, I could just destroy my immersion factor, I could easily overlook the storyline in my head… but that is unnecessary, in my view. Putting something as important as a Hangover Antidote as a god-exclusive item is unfair to those that in turn wish to exterminate said cult.

I don’t wish to hear alternatives or silly workarounds, I simply want access to a very important item without having to break the storyline in my head. Yes, I can change the storyline, but I am not the type to rip hearts out and offer them sheepishly to the most hideous representation of a deity in the game.

Not expecting anything to change, it just ■■■■■■ me off the way this is set up; no other god has an item that valuable, and I am all for the poison antidote to be had by Set, but it is not poison, is a drink, and I think it is a bad design choice to pair them up like that. Again, just pissed off.


There are multiple sources of poison in the game but venom sits rightfully as one of the most powerful ways to hurt people through snakes and Set. So it makes sense, from both a gameplay and lore point, that in order to rid yourself of that issue is to pay for it via that religions’ sacrifice.

But there are other antidotes in game and they’ll get you drunk! :smiley:


Sounds like you play just like me😁. Just do what I did build like a small pharmacy/apocathery hut and place the simple set alter next to it then just build around it( hide the unsightly thing) but leave a bit still showing That you can still select and build a small alchemist aria next to it. Just treat it like you’re making the antidote like any other potion. The mane ingredient being snakeman/set priest hearts.

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You can always make Violet Curative.
It works, although you’ll probably be drunk for a few minutes.
Know how to make Violet Curative?
You might enjoy getting the ingredient you need from cobras since you despise Set. You make it in the Alchemist Bench.
(unless some dufuss changed it).

Consider that as a preferable alternative to giving into a “fake” worship of something you despise.

Really? Yes, I can make the potion, and in deed have a hefty provision of glands, but, you drink to get drunk, and get whatever boost you are after; you said I’d probably be drunk for a few minutes; what is the downside, please? The dam antidote has none.

Alternatives don’t have to be silly. Since you’re already playing the game in a way that the dev’s never intended (refusing to advance a specific god) you could easily make up your own alternative that keeps within the spirit of the game and also within the spirit of how you like to play.

You would basically substitute other materials for making antidotes, drop your materials on the ground and spawn in the antidotes. Yeah, I know that takes you out of the immersion of the game for a minute, but if you create your own story around why you’re doing it then using the admin command wouldn’t have to bother you.

For example, you could take a stack of snake venom, harvest some tributes to mitra with your religious item, then drop/destroy those items and spawn in antidote. The story reason that you could create for doing this is that when offering a sacrifice to Mitra he will purify the venom for you and turn it into antidote.

Personally, I’ve always thought that set should make poisons and some other god should make antidote, it never made sense to me that antidote comes from Set. It makes a lot more sense for Mitra to be the provider of antidotes, so your story/lore reason for making this substitution is already built into the game.

You might think of that as a silly workaround, or you can think of it as your own personal improvement on the lore that’s built into the game.


I was going to say trade with people, but reread and I understand now.

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Not silly at all, apologies. At this point, I am seriously considering taking a deep breath, opening up the admin panel and just spawn in whatever quantity I need, and screw it. BTW are you sure the devs meant for players to willy nilly pick whatever religion just for a boon? Or all of them? What about Lore? I donno about that.

Why you need Set Antidote so badly?
You get drunk or poisoned very so often?
This one has never drank an antidote out of PVP situations.
Anyway, there are alternatives:

  • Violet Curative cures poison, which is crated in an Alchemist’s Bench
  • Curative Mixture cures hangover. It’s unlocked by completing the Journey Step called Brewer

Considering that every religion can be learned by every character, yes I am sure that’s what they intended. Or to phrase it another way, they intended for every player to have that option if they want to. If they didn’t intend it then there would be a limit on the religions that each character can learn.

I don’t think there’s a lore answer either for or against that idea, in this case it’s a game-play thing, it’s ultimately up to the player whether they want to do it or not.

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If i remember Degenerate Serpent-man Champion on Siptah drop the antidote when killed. If you dislike set and don’t mind spawning in enemies create a good purge base and spawn in some and let your thralls kill them. Just think of it as another random purge like the good ol days😁

ID: Wildlife_Siptah_DevolvedSerpentBoss

I haven’t experienced the snake cult caravan event in a while but I’m also pretty sure the boss of that event is a serpent-man champion so you could get antidotes from him as a drop too.

Siptah DLC is required tho.

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I disagree, but it is all good, thanks again.

Oh but the curative mixture is just a reward, not a recipe =( not really a solution but thanks nonetheless, the violet potion will do.

Conan himself says it when you chat with him in the Sepermeru bar: “But nowhere have I seen gods as I see them in this land. These avatars that stalk and spread destruction in their wake. These are not gods. These are what men want the gods to be. Weapons.”

In other words, Exiles do whatever it takes to survive and gain a competitive edge, even if it means perverting the Hyborian faiths to become tools of conquest. Whether you choose to do so is up to you. I find that an interesting part of role-playing: will you compromise your own principles to become stronger, or stick to them and deny yourself an advantage.

I’m reasonably sure any real, devout worshipper of Mitra would be utterly horrified about the idea of killing people and desecrating the bodies by whacking them with a holy ankh in order to make magical porridge. But that’s what Mitra worshippers in the Exiled Lands do.

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We are talking about hitting a corpse with an ankh; for god’s sake, so they cannot be turned undead, ok? Please get your “desecration” frigging straight, man; the higher lvl ankh hardly ever even harvests human flesh… geez. Go ahead, have the last word, I tire of the futility of the argument you insist on winning. If anything, Conan’s statement is as vague as can be, and if you want to pick whatever gods without having a faith and principle base for your choices aside from usefulness, be my guest; I kinda like game immersion myself.

My friend I share your dislike of Set. Let us both crush the feeble snake worshippers next we play.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:

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Thanks to Mithra I’m not the only one who decided at the beginning of the game to be just a humble servant of Lord Mitha and not to use things from other gods and not to make human sacrifices (these are my personal red lines that I have not crossed)

3000 hours on the PVE server, no night vision from Jebbal Sag, no antidote from that nasty Set.
Luckily I’m in a clan so I don’t need sacrifice anyone for sorcerry, I get blood and souls from the clan or trade them with other players.

Technically the cuirass from champion armor set is supposed to remove poison but it doesn’t seem to work very well , but I wear it anyway

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It’s hangovers what my topic is about, but jump right in =)

I am only at 1100 hours, but I do not see myself breaking my immersion factor /shrug, that would take away a huge chunk of immersion for me.

I disagree. From the game mechanics point of view, why would anyone worship a god if it doesn’t serve any purpose? If you want an antidote without any side effects, you worship Set.

If you’re role-playing as a devout follower of Mitra, then the unnatural antidote that can only be produced by Set’s minions through human sacrifice is yet another proof of Set’s evil. That’s kinda the nature of role-playing, isn’t it? It’s like playing a D&D paladin and complaining it’s unfair you can’t break your oath without consequences.


Another option, if you really want the antidote: get the Pippi mod. Set up a vendor that sells the antidote to you for pippi coins and set up a coin conversion vendor where you trade in-game coins for Pippi coins. You could, instead, set up a dialogue thespian and use Mushi to trade different ingredients for the antidote which shouldn’t be too difficult. It involves a mod vs admin panel but, once set up, will be more immersive than having to spawn them in and throw ingredients on the ground.