[Suggestion][Officials Usable][PC, All Consoles] Ambrosia prevent poison for a time, but not cure it

Mitra opposes Set in Conan lore. Set followers use poison a ton and thus need a cure for it. Poison being the signature weapon used by Set it would be natural that Mitra would oppose this in some way also.

Ambrosia lost its specialness as a hallowed object in the game some time ago through nerfs. What I am proposing is that Ambrosia not cure mind you, but prevent poisons use on for a time (buff) after you eat some. I believe this would also be somewhat supported by the lore.

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I would be okay with this so long as there is an item cooldown to go with it. Otherwise it becomes OP in a hurry and prevents all poison indefinitely.

As there isn’t any type of item cooldown in the game now, thats probably not a possibility. I can’t think of another way to mitigate the obvious OPness that this would cause, effectively making Set absolutely useless, and any poison weapons along with it.

So, I can’t really get behind that one. But I approve of thinking outside the box a bit.


Use of Ambrosia could add also a debuff to you preventing use of it again for a time as well.

That’s uh, what I said :stuck_out_tongue:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there are any existing systems in the game that utilize that. So something would have to be made from scratch for that purpose. Which is obviously double, but if in fact it hasn’t been introduced up to this point suggests that Funcom doesn’t see it in the spirit of the combat system as it currently is today.

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So what you are saying that having an item that adds both a buff and a debuff to your character would be very difficult to program. Sincerely want to be sure I understand you.

And even if they could it would go against the spirit of the threat that poison is supposed to present in the game as a debuff ?

No, that’s not what I’m saying (I mean I couldn’t program it, but I’m sure a Funcom designer could).

I don’t really know how else to explain it. Debuffs exist in the game yes, but a cooldown to prevent the use of something does not, as far as I know. Item or skill cooldowns are pretty standard for RPG type games. The fact that Conan Exiles has not (yet?) introduced such a mechanic suggests that Funcom doesn’t want that for their game (which is why I said in the spirit of the combat system as it currently is today).

I believe they even said as much in a dev stream a while back and why the game doesn’t have a type of item/skill cooldown.


Gotcha. Thank you for explaining so completely. I thought I understood what you meant, but thought it best to be sure. Sounds like maybe they (Funcom) would like to keep the game more straight forward when it comes to debuffs, buffs, and their removal ?

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I just figured a few new mechanics could also result in freshening up the game some . New stuff tends to make people take another look at the game and maybe give it another try.

Trying to think on how this could be useful. If it only stops one application, its kinda meh. I don’t think I’d bother with using it. But maybe a few applications and then wears off could be useful. But the buff would need to be a tad bit complex. Removes itself after blocking a few poison ticks, but also prevents it from being used again too soon.

I figure is could adjusted in the ratio and rate that poison would be applied and the occurance of Set poisons being used to also remove poison to make the effects nearly equal from opposite sides of its usage.

Thinking of this way Set allows applications of poison through arrows, but also removes the threat of *poisons by curing poison with a potion application as Mitra’s Ambrosia would prevent the application of poison for a period of time.

Also, remember Set potion has no cooldown and that would need to be figured in for balance reasons.

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