Vitality 3 Rework

The latest patch certainly nerfed Vitality 3, perhaps to it’s intended effect. I think, however, if it’s to remain this way that there should be an effective alternative. Healing wraps, healing arrows, and food boosts have almost negligible effects. This makes fighting larger bosses nearly impossible without spending an hour running around healing, unless of course you’re able to have a thrall do all of the work. I’d like to see an alternative perk or item that allows a player, without a follower and that is max level, to hold his own against higher difficulty bosses. Please let me know your thoughts.

Have you tried healing consumables, like ambrosia?

Try aloe soup, herbal tea, Also shoot the boss with a couple of healing arrows so the cloud is healing you

No, I’ll look into that

I think the nerf was warranted however, they have made the perk all but useless. Maybe a rework to focus on out of combat healing? thoughts?

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I would like to see the devs use the test servers for this kind of stuff too.

Instead of nerfing stuff into the ground (cough, lifeblood spear cough) it could be tested out to make it more in line with balanced gameplay.

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Yes the lifeblood spear would be so cool.

If I can remember, you can have equipped the lifeblood spear, godbreaker chest, soothing buff and vitality 3 perk and still heal slower than the old lifeblood spear.

I also play Monster Hunter. When the devs for that game want to introduce something they start at the top. Fights so hard they are impossible. Then they tweak it down to the desired difficulty through small adjustments until it’s where they want it.

My point is that I would test features top down until it felt right. I know the Conan exiles team isn’t nearly as large as the teams at Capcom but we have the benefit of community testing. If it’s put to good use we won’t have situations where stuff comes out and gets nerfed dead in a knee jerk reaction.

Now I’m gonna go figure out where to put the points I had in vitality.

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