Settings can't changed

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Settings]
Region: [Europe]

[ I cant change the server settings like night time speed i try to put it on 3.0 but when i leave the settings and i go back to settings for checking if its changed, it doesn’t ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Same here, change the settings to where I want them and they just reset once I leave settings page

They are aware and working on it. Can not change message of the day either.

There is a workaround posted about this.
1 Change your server settings
2. Tab to Gameplay.
3. Change nudity setting, then change back.
4. Now you can back out and the server setting will be saved.

Changing the nudity setting forces a Write to your server settings.

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Another one right here

a hotfix was deployed today on the pc version, on the way to the console planforms as well.

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