New admin bug I need help

i have found a bug that prevents me from making any of my changes that i apply to my server

in the picture i sent you can see i don’t have the option to add any of the changes i make to my game

I’m sorry there’s no Image new users cannot post images

normally when you make those changes it will give you the option to add those changes that button to add the changes are not Visible for me on my menu

there is an issue with saving the settings which was fixed on pc yesterday, soon for consoles. might be what causes the issue for your as well.
meanwhile try adjusting your settings and then changing the nudity setting, people report that this some sort of forces the system to save the settings …

1 Change your server settings
2. Tab to Gameplay.
3. Change nudity setting, then change back.
4. Now you can back out and the server setting will be saved.

Then you should be able to change the settings via the gportal web and even in the serversettings.ini file direclty.


Hey there,

Additionally to what @Narelle said, it’s also been fixed internally and coming in a patch that is currently undergoing certification.

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