Problem with changing settings as admin

Game mode: PVE dedicated server
Problem: Can’t fine tune settings in-game as admin
Region: Settings menu.

I am an admin on a dedicated server and I also happen to be the main person the others come to for finagling the settings. There was no problem with me accessing the settings from inside the game and changing them there other than the ones that required a server restart, which is understandable. However, none of the settings are accepting the changes I am trying to make after this latest patch. Even something like fuel burn time multiplier refuses to change from .50. This becomes tedious as it then requires me to contact the owner and have him change things from the computer which then results in things getting lost in the telephone game. Please fix this so that admins can tune the settings in-game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Go to settings
2.Go to server setting tab
3.Change a value and go back to game
4.Go back to settings to see if it changed

Hello, yes this is a issue already reported (like here !).

For now the only way to change settings is through host’s server configuration panel or by accessing the setting file.

Oh, sorry. Didn’t pop up when I searched for a similar thing. As long as it is known, that is fine for me.

Actually you can still change the settings, it’s just kinda annoying at the moment.

Jherad found this workaround, I can’t find the link, but here it’s: Make all the server setting changes you want, then (without exiting settings) move to the GAMEPLAY tab and set nudity settings to something else, then change it back again. Exit the settings. This forces a save, and you should now find your server settings have stuck. Let us know if this works for you.

I heard that for some it works even by changing the volume, but for me it doesn’t.


Cela fonctionne parfaitement sur PS4 merci.
Mais cela ne résoud tout de même pas le problème !

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