Settings not saving all of a sudden

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Western US]

i’m on Xbox and i noticed this weekend that my settings were not saving.

i had turned off Thralls Exclusive Diet and had tons of Shellfish in the pot yet my Thralls all died within minutes of booting up the game.

I play Single/Offline and don’t drop my stuff on death but still lost everything after dying. when i went into settings it was set as i wanted, not to drop my stuff but i keep losing everything when i die.

the nudity has also changed to None and when i change back to Partial it does not take in game.

is this the new patch and how i have to play going forward?

Could be a dumb question, but you aren’t checking the settings in the main menu right? Just in the menu in-game?

There’s a bug that resets your settings if you check them from the starting menu before you log into your singleplayer game.

not dumb, of course i was only looking in game, LOL.

i didn’t know there was a difference.

awesome! thanks for the help.

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thanks again Mr Crom. unfortuantly this didn’t work and i can only guess it’s Xbox taking the adult out of adult games. no biggie.

everything else seems to be going good. the Thralls are eating lobster now and i’ve stopped losing my stuff.

Sounds like you may be getting a bug then.

I play on xbox with nudity on, and was doing so all weekend until our server reset. I’ve only had it change when they reset the server, and the admin doesn’t change the setting back right away.
Or when I check my settings in the main menu.

My singleplayer settings haven’t changed in a long time, but the nudity setting seems to change to whatever the setting was on the last server I played on. If I check from the main menu tho, it’s always “none” until I go into the game and change it back.

Looking back at my other post up there I’m not sure I was clear, so I want to make sure I say it plainly for anyone who reads this thread in the future…

Do NOT check your settings from the main menu, only from the in-game menu.

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yep. i tried all that too and talking to some on Mixer they’re having the same issue as me with the nudity.

i’m OK as long as i can keep from losing my stuff and my thralls will eat the lobsters. i really did appreciate the adult aspects of the game and had a feeling it wouldn’t last long for us Xbox players in the US.

thanks again, i really appreciate your help Mr. Crom.

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