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Game mode: [Singleplayer]
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The greatest weel of pain causes some problems: Not all of the thralls does appear in the progress bar. One of the new level 4 priest of Jhebbal Sag completely disappears in the progress list, even though gruel “burns”. Several times the progress in the bar was reset to zero after I leaved the game and restartet it. Sometimes this pictures in the progress bar are doubled. I don’t know whether this ist a problem of all weels of pain but this definately appears with the greatest one.

Advanced Reptilian Armor: one part is switched with another, I’m not sure which one. Maybe the gloves with the body. Its simply switched, so the body armor has, e. g., the armor amount of the gloves and vice versa. Ok, thats a first world problem. :wink:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


In addition:

Nightvision potions are not stackable in any inventory. I’m not shure if the nightvision effect works correctly. After drinking this potion, you look trough a kind of lense effect. But later, the complete picture alters the colors and/or contrast. The colors then extremely overdrawn and shrill. The potions also have no “time status” top left of the UI. I don’t know whether this is buggy or normal.


I can’t speak on whether the night vision potion is meant to stack or not, might be intentional, but the visual effect is a known issue, other people have also reported this happening, usually logging out and back in fixes it.


2 things here since this is glitches. How do people think the visual effects from that potion is bad? The game looks smooth and crisp and you actually can see colors amazing. The game should always look like that 100% of the time. Just go in and out of first person mode when the effect is off and you can just tell the graphic difference. Second thing is why would a servers raid time be changed on ps4? Our time zone on PS4 use to be 8pm till 2am est. That time worked perfect with my work schedule and now we just found out that raid time is 5pm till 11pm est. This is a major change and we had no warning over it at all.


Why not? And why do you think you know it better that others?

Nobody told the players what’s the “right look”. If the game is otherwise rather dull, but suddenly colorful as hell, it’s obvious that something is wrong here (or not realy intended) - especially because the effect do not end so fast.


It doesn’t just effect the colors man it makes the game sharp as well. Literally stare at the sand and zoom in and out of first person. The graphics get enhanced along with building materials in houses and what not. You can actually see flames from fires that do not show up without the potion. It isn’t just about color the game looks night and day and if removed it shows they could improve the graphics but are just downgrading their game instead :slight_smile:


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