SEVERE BUG: Disappearing items

You had this situation too? You open a box or other container/tool and “puff”… Some of your items are gone. I read that this happened in early access, but I didn’t know this is also present in released game and not repaired since… a year.

I think only secure items are those that you carry (of this I am not so sure now) or wear. (they don’t disappear).

Disappearing items bug should be resolved quickly - otherwise, people will drop this game (I don’t know any person who like grinding for vain; if there is no effect of grinding, meaning: disappearing items).

edit: oh, yeah… now medium tasset from armorer’s bench is gone.


We logged in today to find our tannery and a cupboard missing. Not just empty, but entirely gone.

Not during pvp window and nothing else broken or missing. Something weird is going on.


Today I lost this way a good amount of really useful items. Now I was loged out standing in front of my house with 39/40 players on server and can’t connect now, although game and steam shows 39/40…

Official server #1200 PvP - g-portal

Decay system is borked.
I don’t know about disappearing items though.

Were your tannery and cupboard on a foundation?

I have a small house, one floor ~5x5 (beginner) with every needed wall, floor, roof, doors etc. So fully closed house. My tannery is outside on a sand but every box or working bench and furnace are on the basic sandstone foundation. Mostly my house is in the water, joining shore with shallows.

Ps. One thing that concerns me is why I see my house icon on the left appearing and disappearing all the time - sometimes it’s fully highlighted, sometimes grayed out. There is no sandstorm and no-one is attacking my house.

Do you have windows? Is the door closed?

In large bases, you can lose some shelter if you’re too far from a wall or the ceiling. But your 5x5 should provide 100% shelter anywhere inside, provided you’re not in front of a window or open door.

Next question: are you on a server that has an active decay system?

it is not a problem of door opened, or wall with windows that allow to rob, it’s a BUG problem where all objects that are placeable (except vault) can disappear when a server restart which means that randomly all your chests, workbenchs etc… with all their contents can disappear when a server restart.

This have been reported when they deployed patch 33, and apparently they released the game without fixing it. May be it’s linked to decay system but may it’s also linked to something else (explaining by exemple that object placed outside of a base : a chest in a bush, is disappearing at the first restart of a server, even if you deployed it 4 minutes before the restart of the server.

Anyways my personnal thought it’s that to release a game without fixing a major bug like thi, that have been reported by players (who by the way lost hours of hours of play when they lost nearly all their chest when patch 33 was deployerd) is an act of suicide for funcom, and i’m really upset they did that as I really love this game and respect the work of the developer. just my 2 cents and the thought of a palyer of conan exiles with 2300 hours.


This is what I was asking for, specifically. Not the disappearing items. I assumed me talking about shelter, the icon you mentioned, would make this clear. My mistake.

Bah. Can’t edit that post. Anyway, I had clicked reply to ThimGrim when I asked about the door and window. It was in regards to him being concerned about his house icon disappearing.

Lost 2 Wheels of Pain with lvl 4 Taskmasters in each one of em, one training a lvl 4 armorsmith. Chose not to lvl to camp npcs, and now my work is gone.

Also, the server (1975, the only SA PVE server working atm) where I am is facing invisible sandstorms from time to time.


Anyway. I build a new house. This time I was careful about foundations, closing all elements (damn, closing these sloped walls is really broken…), and placing doors/bed. I have two boxes, and I didn’t notice disappearing items. Of course I don’t know if this will work but… for now it’s ok.

So it might be something with putting elements on the ground?

Thanks to the feedback here I did a test on my official server. And yes, at this stage, losing two Wheels is kind of a big deal. :smiley:

Anyway, if you craft a Wheel of Pain and leave it in a box, leave the area and come back, the Wheel will be missing. If you do the same, but put the Wheel into a thrall, it will also go missing. When I log in today and check, I’m certain the Wheel I put into my little helper dude is going to still be missing.

Furthermore – if you build furnaces and heavy boxes in the open, say, against the top of the ruins at Priestking, your stuff will be gone upon server restart. Poof.

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Our server also seems to have things randomly go missing. We’ve had a couple of thralls disappear too.

So, it has been already 4 times, 2 imes in SP just before the official release, and now 2 times more on a private server, we keep on loosing workstations (+thralls attached to it) and chests randomly.
So this bug is indeed a severe one and need a fix ASAP.

So please funcom acknowledge the isssue and work on it as hard as you can because i’m tired of cheating using admin pannel and spend 1 hour to get back all the missing stuff and put all rare thralls on the wheel again.
THIS must be a HUGE pain for those who don’t have access to admin panel BTW.


Thanks for the info mate.
It seems you’re right, since i’m restarting the server every 2 days for a proper save and stuff…
How can such an issue can be ignored??!!

yep the invisible sandstorm thing happened to me twice too.

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Follow-up: for me It is only one non-built Wheel that went missing. After server restart the second one reappeared in the thrall’s backpack. Items built in the wild, like furnaces, are disappearing with no decay notice.

It is a database persistence issue.
SQLite is plagued with it.
The programmer/s must address this.