SEVERE BUG: Disappearing items

I think Funcom is more concerned about removing Early Access splash screens/banners. :wink:

Not sure about this one: My trebuchet vanished from the rooftop of my house, BUT I used a respec potion yesterday. I can’t confirm if trebuchets are intended to vanish on respec, besides, I’m in a guild, so technically there isn’t “my property”, thus if something was build for the guild it should persist regardless. Temples do keep their lvl when you respec, so I’m guessing I got caught by the vanishing bug. again.

I haven’t built any trebuchet yet, but as you precisely pointed out, the T3 religious altars don’t loose their upgrade after respec…
Moreover if you respect and say for ex you don’t take the smithing/furnace recipes, your workstations will still be there, so your trebuchet should indeed still be on your roof. So there is definitely sthing wrong in this loss IMO.

Had a Shemite Turban disappear from my inventory earlier today. Checked all of my storage spots, all of my crafting stations, it just up and vanished. SP Live.

I’ve been having altars and fishing traps disappear on me. just those, specifically. Possibly related - normally I put my altars on a platform of foundations, but no matter the size of the platform and whatever altar I use I can’t place them on anything but flat ground. The foundation platform just gives me ‘not enough contact with ground’ no matter how I move it around even with raising and lowering the altar into the foundations.

For me it’s wooden boxes…and it’s not a lost over time thing, they disappeared the second they finished in the crafting queue and every time I go to craft a wooden box, it takes the materials, counts the timer down…then poof. Not only that, but I have to leave 1 hotbar slot open because any time I try to put anything in the last open slot, I get the message “Not enough inventory space”…no matter which slot is the last open one.

Not being able to store anything because you can’t make the chests/boxes is not only severe, but game-breaking. I already took a long vacation from Conan in EA because of the bugs. I’m saddened that this one is still around on release.

Private server: I upgraded my arena from sandstone to black ice and, upon server restart, lost a couple benches in my workshop with named thralls in them. I had this problem in testlive before the combat patch went live, and it was usually from upgrading sandstone into a higher tier.

I pulled up every foundation and wall as I replaced them with higher tiers last time and had no issues. However, this structure was just too large and cumbersome to risk pulling up every foundation as i upgraded without risking a major collapse. I fear for my chests full of resources and decor to be the next to vanish…

Fishing Traps, Wheel of Pain, and a set of the Darfari wind chimes have vanished on the two servers I run.

We’re on a small dedicated server with 4 people and one of my friends lost two chests full of farmed materials and two candles. We never used the ruin system, by the way.
So yeah, that bug seems pretty severe to me. Losing progress is one thing and is already pretty annoying, but losing crafted and collected stuff also kills off the feeling of accomplishment associated with that.
Even cheating back all the stuff via admin panel isn’t really working for me in that case. It just doesn’t feel like you own the stuff you get back.
I usually don’t cry for fixes because I know devs are already working hard on things we probably don’t even know about but are necessary, but missing items really compromise the whole point the game is about for me.

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Upgrading stuff is also what caused me trouble i believe (same as you, from sandstone to black ice).
Have you restarted your server inbetween?
From what i have noticed, it might be related, but still not 100% sure.

Yes. I have been building the structure since launch and finally got all the mats together for the big upgrade, so there has been many server restarts. Stuff started to disappear the restart immediately after i upgraded. Decay is turned off for this server as well.