Severe FPS issues on fresh install


Just picked up CE again on a fresh install and I’m having severe FPS issues that have me scratching my head.

My HDD died a few months ago and I replaced it with a second SSD. CE was previously installed on my HDD and I used to play comfortably on Ultra at ~50FPS with many mods and built-up bases, either in single player or a dedicated server hosted on the same machine.

I started a fresh install today and booted up with no mods in single player on Siptah and I am experiencing ~17FPS on my usual Ultra settings. Even switching to Low Graphics (+/- Low End Laptop Mode) preset only gets me up to ~25FPS.

My specs:

  • i7 8700 @ 3.2 GHz
  • RTX 2070 8GB (current driver)
  • 32GB RAM
  • 500GB Samsung SSD (C:/) + 2TB Samsung SSD (D:/)
  • Windows 10 (up to date)

I have tried:

  • Windows Game Mode - ON and OFF
  • Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling - ON
  • Disabling fullscreen optimizations
  • Override high DPI scaling behaviour
  • Maximum performance power management - NVIDIA and Windows settings
  • Verifying game files

Edit: have also tried

  • Threaded optimisation in NVIDIA Control Panel - ON
  • Vsync in NVIDIA Control Panel - OFF
  • Using command -USEALLAVAILABLECORES in Steam Launch options
  • Deleting temporary files in %temp%, temp, and prefetch
  • Switching to NVIDIA Studio Driver instead of Game Ready Driver
  • Disabling integrated GPU through Windows settings and BIOS
  • Setting priority of CE to High through Task Manager
  • Installing mod to disable rain
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling game
  • Rolling back to an earlier NVIDIA driver (497.29 back to 466.77)
  • Experimented with shader caching settings in Steam (ON and OFF) and NVIDIA (ON and OFF)

it can be fps dros from Rain effects. Or just shader caching.

Thanks for the suggestions. I did read some bug reports about FPS issues with rain following the last update and experimented with a mod to remove rain effects until it can be patched, but did not experience any improvement.

Can I ask what you mean by shader caching? Should it be on or off?

i mean that game may shutter at first couple of runs because its caching shaders on fresh install. But if you still expecting such issues on SSD and with such great PC spec i dont know where problem can be.
I have steam Conan exiles and with my prehistoric i7 3770, 1333mhz ddr3 16g ram and gtx970 i dont have much shuttering. Only fps drops i have are when raining or in crowded areas like New Asgard

Also new areas on Siptah (bottom of the map) that were added in 2.4 update are still noT optimized and grass thare cause much fps loss too

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Ah I see, that makes sense thanks! I had only been booting up the game for a couple of minutes at a time because I assumed due to the framerate that something was seriously wrong with my game. I take it that if I just persist with the low FPS for long enough in a new save file for the shaders to cache then it should resolve? Also do you know if this only happens on a fresh install or does it happen when you start a new save file?

No, it only on fresh install. It mustnot happen on new save.

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