Severe game crash causing whole PC lockup


Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Severe Crash
Server type: Not applicable
Region: North America

Three days now, the game has crashed so severely that it also locks up the PC. No way possible to circumvent the crash other than force a power down and reboot.

So, how do I know this isn’t a PC issue?

It is because of this following incident:
I go into the north just passing the breech on the west side of it, then eastward under the breech to bypass the hostile Nordheimer NPCs on the shoreline near the cave. Then travel northward along the aquaduct passing the first intact pillar before the breech. Passing that I turn eastward under the aquaduct to find a swift foal that I’m searching for. I pick up the foal into my inventory. Having done that I then turn northward to harvest leavening agents. Just before I get to the first set of plants, the game crashes into a full lockup and I am forced to power down.

Get this:
When I get back online and in game, I find myself back at the west side of the aquaduct about two hundred yards from where I first picked up the foal on the east side.
This didn’t seem normal since I’m at a location before I approached any foals in the first place. So I checked my inventory …
BUT lo and behold,
I have the foal in my inventory.
So, the game remembers that I picked up the foal, but forgets where I’m located and it has a heart attack with the result of the game crashing and locking up my PC.

I can’t tell you where to look.
You’re the people who wrote this game.
You SHOULD know where to look.
I can’t provide you any crash reports because the PC locks up so severely that it doesn’t have a chance to generate a report.
But I look at my reliability reports and the only thing I see is a critical error that indicates (of course) Windows was not properly shut down and nothing else but a drop in the reliability graph.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.
It’s been reported several times, so this isn’t new.
But this very programming issue continues to persist regardless of updates and patches.
It’s your game.
This is the last time I am reporting this because the ability to find the source of the issue and come up with a solution seems to keep evading you.

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