SEXUALITY.... for flowers and plants... seed-propagated species:The peasant compared to the gatherer

Dear all,

I begin with sexuality for plants and flowers as it is the VERY MOST visually exciting.

As an exploring officer, regularly commissioned by the king of Aquilonia, I asked my peasants to grow some seeds I bring back as samples from my very perilous expeditions in these savage countries.
These are very well planted with the adequate compost, surrounded by bees, a well for water , sun etc…
BUT… seeds give me plants and flowers… no more seeds. All of Hyborian plants seem to be sterile hybrids. I have the feeling this could have been a huge issue for the devellopement of agriculture and humanity… maybe I missed something.

Once planted and well fed (with compost, water, bees … etc everything you want) why most of these plants are not allowed to produce flowers and some seeds for ever???

you could of course introduce:
a)some random accidents: this plant dont produce anymore, I am obliged to change it etc;
b) the fact that some precious and rares plants are sterile as they are today (lotus etc…)

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I like your suggestion B. Make the Lotus plants not produce seeds but allow other plants to be actually farmed. There’s not much point planting aloe when you can collect way more in a shorter period of time… unless you could plant it and not have to travel south to get it. Then it would be worth it. Since Lotus are used for buffs and only found in specific locations it make sense to keep them sterile and make you go seek them out.


the thing could be very, very simple…
Look at the way we produce honey. The first time I open a beehive, just for fun, I put some bees and a Queen inside, but it works endlessly without that. Every morning you have honey for breakfast and for your bears… endlessly

Actually, yeah I didn’t think of that but it could work. After you put a seed in and the plant grows to maturity it could continually produce the plant just at a very slow rate. If you want to speed it up you put seeds in it. As you said like the honeycombs though perhaps at a slower rate. Of course lotus plants should remain sterile only producing when speeds are provided.

yes… that sort of thing could be very fine and simple

I was hoping for a much sexier discussion :frowning:
But yes, anything that makes farming actually worth doing is a plus for me!


Well it should imho at least give some seeds back - something like at least 80 to 105% (random chance of extra seeds) so you at least don’t have to hunt for them all the time

Well my English are not so good and it took me sometime to understand your point. Yes my friend i tottaly agree with you. Right now the way things are you keep the flower in the pot just for decor. There is no reason to deal with it, because as our other friend sayd you farm it faster. So yes i would love to have the same behavior to the pots as the beehives. Nice suggestion :+1:

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