Shadow Bug on Xbox One? Can somebody help?

So after an update months ago (I can’t remember exactly when), I noticed that the update disabled all in game shadows. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and the issue persisted. I got frustrated and uninstalled it again. Fast forward to this new Age of Sorcery update, and I decided to reinstall the game to see what the update was about. Upon loading up the game I realized that after all this time the shadow bug was still happening. I then decided to try out the console commands to see if messing with any of the shadow settings would fix it, and one of the settings reenabled the environmental shadows (I can’t remember which setting it was because there’s like 30 shadow related settings), but after taking a break and coming back that setting turned itself off again and I can’t seem to reenable it. I’ve searched Google for any answers on this bug, but, as usual, I’m the only human in existence with this issue. I’d really like to play this game, but it would appear Funcom is perfectly fine with cursing me with a completely unique problem that nobody else has. Thanks for that, Funcom.

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