SHADOW ISLE 10x everything! 24/7 PVP


Server has only been up for a few days. There are four admins and they have split the zones into three separate sections. One admin for the western zones (Desert mostly.) One admin for the eastern zones. (Jungle mostly.) One admin for northern zones. (Highlands/snow.) Then the server owner who works every where. Each admin is really chill.

There are frequent events hosted by each admin within their respective zones. (You do not have to live in their zone to partake in said event.) Also random events hosted by the server owner. (Admin hosted events have Grand prizes and consolation prizes.)

We have a combat arena for players built in the west near Sepermeru for regular get your loot back pvp where no one loses their gear. (May later be hosting pvp related events for last clan standing gets a huge prize!)

Server largely uninhabited meaning that basically all build locations are open. New players also get a free welcome kit including a single legendary weapon of their choice (Or one onehanded and shield for those who prefer one handed.) Along with one set of gear. (Basic styles no silent legion but anything else goes.) Along with a set of building materials for your clan. Also each new player gets a three days grace period where they cannot be raided by other players until the time is up. (There is also a functioning admin shop where you can buy items with your farmed Gold and Silver! You can also trade items for Gold and Silver to buy other items!)

Server does have a discord and a ps4 community for those who can’t use discord. Rules are detailed in both Discord and the community and are general no griefing style rules help keep things fun.

Server is quite active for those members that already play…

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.