Due to my RL this week I must admit I completely missed this. It was mentioned on BTV on Thursday though. I am sure with notice, Funcom would support a PVP event (as they have before in TSW)
Cabal Pride is a yearly event and I like that Funcom support this, even though the current business model doesn’t actually encourage people to join a cabal. Largely due to the exorbitant cost of bank space and that cabals don’t have the capacity to expand bank space either (but that’s a rant for another thread)

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OMG - Veri has a Rocket Launcher!!

I also did my bit on promoting the benefits of being in a solo cabal with you alts as best use of the subscription money. :smiley:

Ha Ha Ha…but I didn’t miss the event, just being publicly vocal about it!

I was on my alts :slight_smile: I saw you…love my anti personnel cannon!

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Plz dont say you were the one i used it on and got that acheevo?
I now have 1 kill as a healer and the poor mite i used it on gave me a double acheevo of “Cutting Teeth” and “Unfair Advantage” haha :smiley:

lol nope you can rest easy, it was not moi :slight_smile: trust me if it was…you would have known!

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TRANSMIT - Initiate Operation Invictus - RECEIVE - Unlock the gates of Fusang - FACTIONS UNITE - Our wisdom flows sweet - WITNESS - The Call to arms never ended

The Shambala event was great, absolutely fantastic!
It ran flawlessly. My overall view was that PVP can succeed and follow in it’s footsteps of it’s much older and much wiser sister TSW.
It’s no small task to organise an event like this - so credit where credit is due. Thank you @Drenneth and a huge thank you to the PVP community for bringing out the best in what we have to offer.
Funcom need to be commending you on your effort of bringing a lot of people in game and providing them with the means of doing something they truly loved, before “The Great Seperation” occurred.

The short notice of only one week - in comparison to something that has been ongoing for years and most likely true to form with Nine Swords, organised with careful planning, liaising with others such as tentacle radio and with Funcom themselves, Cabal pride also listed on the client splash screen and a pinned topic. Having the FC seal of approval as it were - would have been done with diligence and precision.
For the PVP community, the odds stacked against us in many ways, the PVP community came out in force, and boy what a force that was. Now that’s pride.

There were multiple pops of Shambala running side by side, with folk literally queuing at the door for a chance at PVP, with new and old players joining in and returning - during, before and after the event scheduled times. It was great seeing familiar names there and new players having the chance to see how much fun could be had. Some people even had to log in their alts because their names were so well known within the PVP circles - they felt like they stuck out like a sore thumb, and to the player who managed to kill any one of these highly sought after names - must have felt like an achievement in itself. Exuberant and elated, returning for more.

Some left the arena while matches were ongoing, so they could re-queue for another pop, in their hopes to be picked first and some stayed to watch others as spectators - the ability to chose a viewpoint was also nice.
#Event being used as the dominant channel at the time, was filled with chatter and congratulations to winners of various prizes and Seoul Fight Club used as the general hanging out, meeting up point throughout the matches.

Drenneth and the PVP community rallied their hardened hearts and revitalised something that was missing from SWL since it’s launch - PVP.

The community showing it’s still there, waiting in the wings. It wants PVP and it can do so with the only incentive needed for some being - the ability to PVP.

The zone itself proved for me, it’s still not the place for it. Which is why we need the other zones back ASAP. Funcom shouldn’t take this as Shambala being the type of success and reason not to pursue adding the other PVP zones back, because there are many failures the zone presents in its current state. I will save those for another thread as this is about praise for the PVP community for proving that, even when suggested by Tilty himself that “If we want them to look at PVP, we should be organising events” - well we did, and with very minimal promotion involved - the success came from the sheer volume and sizeable crowd drawn to PVP.
Imagine what it could be. The assets, as we know, are there and readily available.

So with that thought - We proved we can pull a crowd, it was not Funcom that did that, but the PVP community. We proved we can do it. Can Funcom prove the same in return?


Meta I had a tear in my eye reading this! although i didn’t know #event channel was being used (I logged into the PVP channel) Perhaps due to the fact I had to keep reloading UI because of the raid window being bugged for healers (yes I am saying this again!!) and missed a lot of the chat.

PVP games in Shambala lasted more than a minute! it was awesome.



Thank you @Verittas Swapping teams helps to reactivate the HP bars. But that isn’t something we should be doing anyway - it should be fixed regardless x

I actually like that idea now that you mention it. I might try to push for people to join the pvp channel instead next time. #event was just convenient since a larger amount of people have that channel set up all-ready I think. Gaining some popularity in the PvP channel though might make it easier to get matches to start popping outside of the event times.

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I´m Sorry, I was too lazy to join the event (aka: busy with another game^^), but it´s good to hear it was successful! :wink:

BTW i also think the PVP-Channel fits better than the event-channel. If the PVP-channel is re-established maybe more people will use it to find other people to pvp with and make Sham… uh … bollocks (sorry ^^) pop more often. (Currently we only use the forums to build a community again)

It seems i really missed something … thats … odd ^^

No worries perhaps you’ll be able to make it next time! Unofficially I plan to run the same event 2 weeks from now but I’ll create an official post with the details sometime in the middle of this week. I plan to also start a type of mini leaderboard to include things like most damage taken in a match or dealt and most healed and perhaps highest overall score. These will not be reward based achievements but simply to make things a little more interesting, will probably limit it to top 10 players in each catagory.


Signed up here to say thanks again for organising this, and I look forward to the next one. I had only planned on taking part in the first time slot, and then only to play a few matches to see what it was like, but ended up staying for both time slots. The event definitely got me hooked on the PvP side of things, and hopefully it got others interested as well.


@bumblebeard That’s great to hear :slight_smile: and welcome!

@Drenneth The top ten sounds like a great idea, I was thinking about that too because it would mitigate the lemmings.

@Meta-Moth Even swapping teams for me didn’t get rid of that bug…emmm…I mean feature. It’s not just in PVP either but in any raid group and the cause of many a wipe in NYR


It really was a great day/night well done to Drenneth for pulling it all together at short notice, it really does go to show that there IS a demand for PVP ,the matches were back to back non stop multiple instances, personally i had great fun getting blown off the cliff , thrown off the cliff & having my face shoved in the snow.

much to my own surprise i thought , this won’t be fun , i’m only here to support the pvp community & i’ll probably not stay, but i did enjoy it & i did stay right till the very end.

Seeing alot of familiar faces popping up in the matches really brought back that feeling of nostalgia of times gone by & it’s a shame that the PVP Vets who did not come but visit this thread did not make an appearance also because this really was a time to show a united front & who knows you may even have enjoyed it , i certainly did.

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Please return to original post for updated info on the NEXT Shambala Event.

For anyone that wants records from previous events let me know as I have archived that information.

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Really like the idea of wearing PvP suits. I’ll be sure to have mine on!

Also yes fight club seems like a great place to hang out between matches worked really nicely for the EU group last time, I’ll be able to push for that a bit better next round because I intend on being a little more active in the event itself and saving the scoreboard analysis till after each period.

I will be attempting to use /chat join pvp as the primary means of communication for the Shambala Event. Event chat will be used only for call outs and perhaps final draw announcements.

Bumping IT up - like a balloon -
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Its a standard for all PvP topics I think lol. I have yet to see it on any other post that’s been around for as long.