Due to the new scenario and corresponding event I will be postponing this weeks Shambala day till next week. Feel free to que regardless though and in light of the fact that the Agent Jack Boone is a community reward I will look into the details on maybe making that a Shambala event prize some time in the future. Perhaps during Haloween or Christmas. Thanks all and look forward to seeing you next weekend!


i am so sad! T^T


Shambala up today! Same times as before. QUE QUE QUE


Should check whether I can join however I am intrigued.

I am horrendous at pvp yet I appreciate doing stuff with the network. Any possibility that we get teamcommunication in the matches? Would be a disgrace to get together with randoms and not having the capacity to organize with them. Or then again do we require premade groups?


This event has sorta gone on hold. There is a little bit of interest but the last two attempts at running it were fairly disappointing attendance wise. Shambala is a PvP slot machine in that there is very little teamwork or group organization involved. The matches are randomized and it is a 10v10 with last team standing being declared the “winner” rewards however are the same win or lose and are a pitiful excuse of a reward despite an overwhelming request from players to have the rewards revamped. Of course after a year of having such issues fall on deaf ears one moves on to enjoy what’s left. Regardless should this event be ressurected one day I’ll be there and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!


I miss it every week. That said my saturdays became a lot more filled with stuff that could be in the way. -.-


However - PVP still exists in ye olde realm
The gates are forever open
They were never closed
If PVP is a little lack luster here…
…Remember where it was good…
We await you all on the other side…


Ah there’s a name I haven’t seen in some time. I have intentions of reinstalling TSW some time. New position at work has kinda had me lacking time lately but maybe on my next days off.


Shambala saturdays, Fusang Fridays and Stonehenge Sundays - Have moved to TSW
(have i laid out enough crumbs yet @Drenneth)


Fusang has turned active enough, that “Under Dog” leechers have gone so upset by real PvP action, that they are vote kicking real PvP’rs out :smiley:

And lag is still there! Oh joy!


Hours of fun still to be had!! - literally haven’t left yet and its been ALL DAY!