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(InB4 ‘How Funcom does X with Y in EC’, we know, you’re angry the game isn’t perfect. Take your sour soggy bottom feelz elsewhere.)

So… Silkwood giant spider is a wanderer, once she gets up the path of her spawn point, she is off on great adventures, to eat adventures and other mobs throughout the Exiled Lands. I have seen/paced her as far east as the shoreline, and as far south as the break of desert between the river delta and jungle biomes. She is also quite capable of crossing back and forth over the Cursed Wall to use off map terrain to get around on map terrain. Normally, this actually is not an issue, unless you build in the jungle near Silkwood. It is quite a surprise to have a massive spider suddenly emerge from beyond the Cursed Wall and start wrecking your thralls and base with ease.

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Awesome! I haven’t seen her do that yet, but that would really help make this “survival game” more challenging - wandering bosses (not static, stationary, predictable enemies). We need more danger-randomness in EC.

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I believe that the Scorpion King is capable of it to. Shadowing bosses is a challenge. But if you just observe these two from a safe place and distance, I think they will go wherever they please over time. Giant crocodile seems content, just wants to be lazy in his lagoon.


I have seen the Giant Crocodile (the one by the lagoon, not the others) wander up to munch on some hyenas and even shade himself in the trees up the hill from the lagoon. I haven’t seen him go near the river yet. It made base-building on the little rock plateau a bit challenging since he will enter a base built there and munch on whatever he can find. He’s the only one I’ve personally seen do any wandering.

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Yes. This has happened to me. I had a small village with no wall on a private server and logged in to find missing thralls. When I looked around, boss croc was in the middle of munching on another. Moved base location soon after.

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