Shattered Unity, Dark Agartha, is broken six ways to sunday

The lack of pathing makes successful jumping, even after you’ve killed the boss, a prospect of luck. Lost one life because it.

Ed. the problem is the floating you’re seeing in this screen shot? That was happening the entire duration of that platform, for the second time I’ve been there. Because it was also not knowing where I was on the pathing, or if I was floating or not, it makes jumps a 50/50 on ‘will it work? Won’t it work? Who knows!’ :slight_smile:

There are paths between each platform, but you do have to jump - it’s part of the challenge. There are areas with shorter jumps, but it’s just a bit of a wider circle to take.

The floating that happens, is something that often happens after a jump pad in Agartha (the hub). Not sure it has anything special to do with Dark Agartha. The jumps are no problem unless something makes it hard for you to jump at all.