Shellbacks should lay eggs

Just thinking today since I needed to gather a lot of eggs, Shellback pets should lay eggs. It’d be an interesting mechanic to have them make nests and lay eggs but I’m betting it could be easier to just make them like Rocknose pets.


That could actually make for an interesting component of Pet resource production. Its not like it would be producing a constant supply of high end foods such as Haunch. So I say why not. I would also consider giving this ability to Shoebills too.


Also Ostrich!


I mean, I’d be ok if I could carve off a bit every time I run past my rhino or elephant.

Huh? What does that have to do with eggs from egg laying animals in the game?

Anyway, animals lay eggs in the game until you make them a pet? So a Rocknose, which doesn’t do anything before it becomes a pet can lay gold, silver and something else…(I forget right now) but an animal that lays eggs BEFORE they become a pet…doesn’t?

I’m just saying…consistency is an issue and some things just baffle me. (Like bikini armor is 2 tic cold protection…LOL)

You’ll notice it was a reply to Crom’s comment. He mentioned a steady supply of haunch. Hence, carve off a piece. Hence the connection.

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Aaah…Okay, now I get it. Whew, totally flew over my head with that one.

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Pues seguramente si no de dónde salen .

I know that I am now verging on going off topic, but it does involve Animal Pen production. This one was involving the Goats. It would also be interesting if they added in a new item. In this case, it would be kind of cool if the Goats also produced Milk for us while they remained in the pen. I just feel that a lot of untapped potential exists when it comes to resource production using the Pen.

Being a big sucker for cats, I would love to give my Tiger a serving of milk. :tiger2:

Totally agree and these are some wonderful ideas!

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I do agree there are some of the aspects of this game that need refining we need to feed thralls the feast in order to get best healing. That requires eggs so having a steady supply of eggs from the animal pen (a building to large for its benifits.) Then make it a rare like 1 in 100 chance that it could be actually hatched as an egg. The farming is the same way what’s the point if you have to continually gather seeds it should have a 75 percent chance to generate a seed and a 25 percent that theres a loss that way its partially sustainable. Just food for thought funcom. Keep up the great work.

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