Shop system just rubbish to buy🤮

I don’t care about the price, but that you can only buy things that you don’t want!

Current today February 1st, 2024 Turan building set
why not a pyramid building set or the magician building set

I’m slowly giving up and am thinking about turning off my server in protest.

And then there are always these long waiting times, so the 24-hour cycle in the shop isn’t enough.

When I see the shop I just puke🤮

I needed that torture set for science.

On Fallout 76 if you have the atoms you can submit a ticket to purchase a set you missed or whatever. They either need to just have a backlog or a system like that. (I know, different game different company.) Plus I’m not sure if Funcom or Zendesk would handle it, the latter is already drowning in complaints.


Honesty, the Turanian build set I’ve found is the most versatile. The windows, frames, and struts can be used on quite a few sets for an extra bit of elegance. I haven’t even used the Pyramid set yet because it’s so specific in what it can be used for. As for the Arcane set… wasn’t that a battle pass only set? I don’t recall a bazaar set. There’s been Stormglass, Aesir, Turanian, Rough Timber, Lost Dungeon, Pyramid… no Arcane, unless I forgot?


Yeah arcane build set was AoS chapter 1 (the only one I’ve missed since I didn’t know about the game back then; really wish they’d bring back old bps to be completed and purchased in an off season or as additional revenue or something especially since even if you play with someone who has it, you can’t use it, unlike dlc).


What ■■■■■■ me off is that the curved set of Turan completes the Aesir or the opposite :confused:. Not to mention that some Aesir pieces are still bugged.
Pyramid set is amazing but like you said it’s a bit special. The evolution however of the lost dungeon set is amazing.

It was the Arcanist set, benches torches and stuff, so you remember correctly!


Correct, but that’s not the build set. The build set was battle pass only.

As for the turanian set, I rarely use the tent curves and stuff. I use the other pieces more often, and regularly. You should come by our EL server and tour the new base. You’ll see what I mean. :sunglasses:

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Name 2 things related with Funcom that are considered to be “normal”, ok, name just 1 :joy:

Good morning, I am looking to buy apples and bananas.

Yes I have apples and bananas in my store room but today I am selling only potatoes and grapes. Here, buy some potatoes and grapes.

But I dont want potatoes and grapes.

Then come back another day, I might have apples and bananas one day.

OK cya (FU, I’m going to another store).

Imagine Funcom’s chinese garage…

Hello, I need my engine oil changed.

Sorry today we are only selling tyres… check in sometime next month.



Could be worse. Have you played the Arkham Horror (the older edition) board game? If you want to buy things from a shop, the shop will offer you three randomly selected items, and you must buy one and only one. You’re not allowed to buy two or three, even if you could afford them. You’re not allowed to not buy anything, unless you can’t afford even the cheapest item.

Funcom, take notes. You could get more money out of people if you don’t let them leave the Bazaar page until they’ve bought something.

I will gladly pay them 15 euros subscription per month for proper updates.

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At some point you have to admit you have a problem. Being a shopacholic isn’t something to be ashamed of, many people have this issue. I know we have been taught since childhood chronic consumerism is acceptable. But when you realize you are buying things you don’t want and will never use it’s time to put down the credit card and step away from the cart.

I’ve yet to spend dime one in the bazaar. It isn’t for your average player. If the bazaar wasn’t making a good profit they would change it. They’d drop the prices and start an any reason return policy; first 48 hours. Then I might even spend some of funcoms croms there.


Seriously. I’ve already done this for Fallout since 1st was launched. The game graduated from a dumpster fire to a trash can. Still full of bugs, (I mean features), but it’s playable.

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This one personally would love to see a full catalogue of Bazaar items, but with the bundles being the part that rotate regularly.

Perhaps, if it please those who make such decisions, have the new items added to the catalogue at the close of each Chapter, so there is still that initial push of urgency that modern marketing loves so much.

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You can play with trash, but it’s still trash. You may not burn your hands while playing with trash anymore, but you’re still playing with trash.

I game for 30+ years now and seriously I have no idea what had happened here.
Original devs and designer of Conan Exiles is a genius. But what had happened with the game afterwards is just (can’t find words).

And how they neglect that game because they dont see they have a gem.
ARK has a bigger playerbase and ARK 2 is literally going to be Conan Exiles with dinosaurs.
They can see it at Wildcard, Funcom cant.

And this one would like to see someone at Funcom whipped :laughing:

Everything should be available at the store, only discounts should be on the rotation.

Always be careful when proceeding with the torture and punishment, you never know who will actually find it a reward…

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This dude is 100% right.

  1. We can expect more from a game that we bought as WIP and that made a big sack of gold.
  2. Totally right about content - while PvPers create their own content by simply fighting each other, the RPers are neglected, not to mention PvE in the last year PvE is being progressively killed. We all have waited for smarter AI, and AI is as dumb as it was + NPCs got nerfed and their number was reduced.

WTF Funcom?

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The whole Bazaar and battle pass deal ruined this game anyway. I got over 2k hours before the change and now i can barely stand to play it. Bring back the DLC’s. A once amazing game is taking the Everquest route to ruin… Been a gamer for 35+ years…


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