Dungeon building set

This is a joke, right? I knew that the set had very little pieces but that they were so poorly thought out amazed me. It really could use a couple of more pieces to complete the set, that is just ridiculous. And to think that i actually paid for it… I mean the older DLC sets gave you proper building pieces, armor, weapons, skins, decoratives and all kinds of other stuff for about the same price as these bazaar thingys. They are just sad, i must have been out of my mind when i bought it. Maybe i can plea temporary insanity and receive a refund…


Unfortunately, it’s not a joke. If I had to give it a name, I would call it a teachable moment. The lesson I learned was not to buy Bazaar stuff, even if I find the price acceptable, until someone else has showcased it, so that I don’t end up wasting money.

Maybe “temporary insanity” will work, because normal reasons that a decent merchant would accept don’t, as can be seen from other players’ experiences.

From all reports, refund is unlikely.

This one is in strong agreement that it’s not a good set and that it was not (and still isn’t on PSN) at all advertised correctly.

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