Sandstone Super Set

I’ve been criticizing the Bazaar a lot and giving my negative feedback, so I wanted to also grab the chance to give some positive feedback, too.

I just bought the Sandstone Super Set, the second reasonably-priced offering I’ve seen in the Bazaar. I believe this kind of pricing is an excellent middle ground between the unsustainable DLC prices and the excess of the typical Bazaar offerings we’ve seen so far.

I hope my fellow forum users will take heart from this. As long as you’re offering feedback respectfully, you shouldn’t give into anyone’s attempts to silence you. Maybe there isn’t anyone on the other end listening to us, but maybe there is, and the chance is worth it.

So yeah, if there’s anyone at Funcom who actually looked at the feedback some of us posted, and if that feedback ended up influencing this decision, then thank you for that :slight_smile:


This one has believed someone is listening since the cathedral set. It was obvious it could have been (perhaps initially was intended to be) broken into three sets. The initial offering of the sandstone expansion went over like a lead balloon for a few reasons.
A couple of which are addressed in the current packaging.

One of which this one hopes may be addressed in the future (wedges).

One of which cannot really be addressed (it’s a tier 1 set and thus paper maché and can only really see use in niche situations) as this one understands.

But yes, if one will grumble about what is disliked, it is appropriate to offer praise when something is as one likes.

So yes, this is progress.


You are not alone here @CodeMage, and in fact I also purchased the Sandatone Super Set recently; only my second Black Lotus Bazaar to date.

And frankly I do not regret my purchase for a minute. It was outstanding value for money and contains many nice pieces.

Correct answer. :white_check_mark:

Me too old friend. If they keep putting out items at these prices, I will keep buying many more of them.


This is what I hope more of Building Sets get.

I have habit of using sandstone and insulated. (for looks) and Super Sandstone set is really nice.
Fact its on sale… cough priced normally cough cough was really only reason I bought one thing.

Love x2 length support arc. I hope we see some other flavors of these. (Like I suggested years ago) we need some more 2x length items.


I would have but I bought the headhunter set because of the gibbet. Oh well. Maybe next round when the budget allows me to go again.


Thank you Funcom!


While I still think the Bazaar and also this set is overpriced, I also ended up buying this set, and I am happy with my purchase :slight_smile:
I was actually going to buy the Stormglass extra building set, but thought about it for too long and suddenly it was gone, my main problem was still the price, but also the fact that I very rarely build in stormglass, so when I saw this set in another topic and checked it out a bit more I then decided… Why not, I am now spending way less money on this game than before, so choice was easy to make :slight_smile:
It’s a good set if we look away from the fact that the chimney cannot go on a roof(same with weather Vanes), and also it is sort of missing wedge versions of the wood flooring, but it adds some flavor to sandstone which we all use when building up a fresh character, so it won 't be like “Hey this is cool” and maybe never be used again after a little time.
So while still a bit on the expensive side, it also does look good and adds a lot to sandstone building, definitely a good set :slight_smile:


Hey at CodeMage it turns out you beat me to the punch on this one. I had actually intended to compliament Funcom on this and 2 other things which I was really pleased with. Not to worry; all is well that ends well. I strongly support your sentiment and commend Fumcom for very reasonable pricing on the Sandstone Super Set. Keep up the great work folks.


Me too Frillen! Like the Sandstone Set I felt it was very reasonable value. I watched it a little too long and then one day it was gone. :man_facepalming:

Provided the price has not been adjusted upwards, I am happy to pledge to buy it when it returns. I especially liked the glass skylight looking piece which I saw pictured in another thread, possibly the same one you saw.


more i have question - i missed something or… where is ‘‘market stalls’’ ? i mean there should be market placeables ( atleast in admin panel under sorcery 2 items there are such items… but i never seen them in bazzaaar)

You had me at chimney… :thistbh:


For what it is, that partial set is still way too overpriced for me to consider buying.

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I believe that the “celebration” here is the “drop” from 3600 cc to 1300 cc. Think nothing different!


This made me to buy crom points, diverse enough to worth it.
If FC try to meet the customers standards than it can count from my side more purchase.
Probably I will buy more building set or other large set if it reasonably priced.


That’s hilarious…this was the first ever thing I also shelled out bazaar money for lol.


This one has not seen it or the ivy or the bone mage outfit.
But there are a couple rotations left in the Bazaar this season, no?

I dunno. if i found it right, there is new season on feb 2 or something, and bazaar big set is like 4 days…

May be one more set and may be not…

I always figure Bazaar prices as the price per coin for when Crom Coins are purchased at the max, $49.99, level. This results in 7,800 Crom Coins. When something interesting comes up, I do the math. If the real world price shows value to me, I get it.

At the level I buy Crom Coins, they have a translated value of $0.064. This means the Pictish Rite Dance Set is $6.95 for a wall spray, a dance emote, and a light armor set.

Hard pass, for me.

In contrast, I believe the Sandstone Super Set comes in at $8.33. That is more like it.

I will always lean more toward building sets rather than armor, weapons, or pets. It’s when they thrown in building pieces with pets that they get me.

The sneaks.


Is there a Bazaar database that keeps a record of the offerings and prices? With a drop in price like that, it really gives me pause to buy any bazaar item again especially with the bugs that don’t get fixed with initial offerings. Kinda a double rip off- over priced plus can’t use it until it gets marked down even more.

No, but that’s an interesting idea. Makes me really itch to try to figure out how to scrape that data on a daily basis :smiley: