Short Decay Times Are Going to Kill This Game

I’m not a casual gamer but I have noticed that there are no longer any casual players on my Official Server anymore. This game is gonna be dead within the next couple of months if they can’t keep casual gamers around. If the original decay timers from early access were consistent they wouldn’t have been a problem. The issue was that some abandoned bases just never disappeared. Even adding this extension for decay timers during vacation seasons is only a short term solution.

I agree, 6 days is simply too short. They should keep the 18 day temp decay whenever that actually take effect.

I think the servers being dead right now has a lot less to do with decay timers and a lot more to do with the fact that the recent patches and hot fixes have more or less broken the game.


1506 official has same issues still 143 hours not the 18 days.

but the building will stay… oh

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