The 17 days decay is perfect for a casual pve player like me

It happen to me as i think it happened to manny casual players to log in after a few days and see that portions of your base disappeared.
This happened because of the high quinque time at the start of the game and the casual style that i play.
It was extremely disappointing to see that portions of your base disappeared and i decided that was not worthing and i quit playing (it was more like a job).For example you couldn’t go in a holyday or you’re base will vanish.

When i heard you consider to put 17 days decay, i decided to play the game again and so i did.I think this is the perfect amount of time for decay sistem.
I hope you keep the 17 days for good.

Thank you for the amazing game!

Normally i’d agree.

But unfortunately on official servers you have players who build “decay umbilicals” all over the place, so they can refresh all their connected bases all over the map without actually going there to refresh.

Best thing anyone can do is hope those things decay, then destroy the whole network in one go so people have space to build bases again.

Now imagine having to wait 17 days for that to happen.

The decay timer doesnt help anything at all, it never did. Think about it:

Stuff only decay when a player/clan really decide to leave the game/server! They have lost interest, they wont return, then stuff decay… 1 week, 2 weeks, doesnt matter, it will go away. But any player with minimum interest will log in once in awhile to refresh their stuff. Once a week or once every 2 weeks, it wont matter, its too little effort to keep everything safe… THAT is the problem.

A short decay timer only hurts casual players, or people who are forced to step away from the game (vacations, business trip, unpredictable hardware problem, account issues, etc… all this stuff can take longer than 5 days to get sorted!)

PURGES should be the solution for this! If bases were constantly raided, damaged, destroyed it wouldnt matter how long the decay timer is, active players would be able to keep their stuff up. Semi active/inactive players would lose everything in time. It should -not- be so easy refresh everything as you said, connected structures all over the place, like huge “high ways”, hate buildings, unecessary walls, etc… should be extremely vulnerable to Purges and hard to maintain, unless you are super active and online everyday for hours.

So get your tar orbs out and burn that sh*t to the ground.

Sure… cuz this thread is tagged as PvP, right?

That’s actually a good idea. I want purges to be common and brutal x)