Short Stories - Exiled Jack (+more)

Inspired by the notes left behind at Exiled Lands, I wrote my own short stories.

Exiled Jack Short Stories +more 80

:underage: Content : Texts and screenshots may be considered inappropriate for minors :see_no_evil:
:large_blue_diamond: Disclaimer : Neither of the stories mentions the names of places or characters present in the game Conan Exiles or the world of Conan the Barbarian and other universes…

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Exiled Jack (++8/8) 12 :white_heart:

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  • Who is Exiled Jack and what is he looking for? The story could take place in Exiled Lands, but will we travel there or will we travel to the mind of a truly madman? Who the hell is Jack really?!
  1. Exiled Jack - Testament (1/8)
  2. Exiled Jack - Plan (2/8)
  3. Exiled Jack - Truth (3/8)
  4. Exiled Jack - Pain (4/8)
  5. Exiled Jack - Survival (5/8)
  6. Exiled Jack - Madness 6(/8)
  7. Exiled Jack - Gods (7/8)
  8. Exiled Jack - Return (8/8)
  9. One-eyed Jack Prophecy (single/bonus)
  10. Making-of Exiled Jack (spoilers)

Lost Sisters (+7/7) 20 :white_heart:

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  • Will two noblewomen be able to survive in wild lands? As before, a story inspired by the brutal Exiled Lands will show us that light (hope) can penetrate even the darkest hole, but there will be a price to pay for it!
  1. Lost Sisters - Together (1/7)
  2. Lost Sisters - Slaves (2/7)
  3. Lost Sisters - Meat (3/7)
  4. Lost Sisters - Monster (4/7)
  5. Lost Sisters - Journey (5/7)
  6. Lost Sisters - Screams (6/7)
  7. Lost Sisters - Masquerade (7/7)
  8. Making-of Lost Sisters (spoilers)

Just for Blood (8/8) 16 :white_heart:

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  • What can we find on a damned island full of magic and dangerous monsters? Inspired by the Isle of Siptah short story of a mysterious man who apparently knows more than anyone would have thought and over the dead he will achieve what he wants.
  1. Just for Blood - Crash (1/8)
  2. Just for Blood - Dogs (2/8)
  3. Just for Blood - Lust (3/8)
  4. Just for Blood - Ash (4/8)
  5. Just for Blood - Slap (5/8)
  6. Just for Blood - Exit (6/8)
  7. Just for Blood - Hole (7/8)
  8. Just for Blood - Blood (8/8)

Thieves Love (3/3) 6 :white_heart:

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  1. Thieves Love - Luxuriance (1/3)
  2. Thieves Love - Richness (2/3)
  3. Thieves Love - Fortune (3/3)

Chains of Darkness (6/6) 13 :white_heart:

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  1. Chains of Darkness - Steel (1/6)
  2. Chains of Darkness - Baron (2/6)
  3. Chains of Darkness - Justice (3/6)
  4. Chains of Darkness - Tentacles (4/6)
  5. Chains of Darkness - Hunting (5/6)
  6. Chains of Darkness - Darkness (6/6)

Corrupted Archive (doubleshot) (+7/7) 17 :white_heart:

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  1. Corrupted Archive - New path / Unbreakable rules (1/7)
  2. Corrupted Archive - All nothing / Preparation and rush (2/7)
  3. Corrupted Archive - Price of knowledge / Old sands (3/7)
  4. Corrupted Archive - Wet place / Bare snack (4/7)
  5. Corrupted Archive - Turning back / Not the stars (5/7)
  6. Corrupted Archive - Cold searches / Bad luck (6/7)
  7. Corrupted Archive - Backpack / The greatest sorcerer (7/7)
  8. Last love letter (single/bonus)

Ethernal Lock (doubleshot) (6/6) 12 :white_heart: :boom: complete :dizzy:

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  1. Ethernal Lock - Anu-Iheb (1/6)
  2. Ethernal Lock - Prophets (2/6)
  3. Ethernal Lock - Forgotten Sorcerer (3/6)
  4. Ethernal Lock - Other worlds (4/6)
  5. Ethernal Lock - Cruel fate (5/6)
  6. Ethernal Lock - Reopening (6/6)

Babylon Horde (-/-)

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(…) All newcomers to these lands will be caught and begin working in the mines, to the glory of the Eternal God-King of Babylon.

United: Death Slayers (-/-)

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(…) It takes years to get allies but pawns are placed just before the game.
So they were all summoned - all warriors, heroes and legends. More than I can count - but victory was still fragile, still uncertain…

One-page stories (10) 20 :white_heart:

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Future stories: Secret Interiors | Pets and Puppets | Survival Arena | Hope and escape | Heart of the north (single) | Excavations Extraordinary (short/doubleshot/crossover) | Turnover murder (interactive) | We are all hunters (crossover) | Black Knight and the White Tower (interactive/external) | Tomb Riddle (crossover)

:spiral_notepad: Note: In the first post, I created links :paperclips: to the stories, so nothing would get mixed up the content. Which means you can feel free to comment :star_struck: on this thread.


After a long silence, I decided to renew the topic and reorganize it. From now on, the first post will contain links leading to all the stories I will write in this thread. Jack’s story will be reposted below and the topic will change its name from:
Exiled Jack - Short story (completed); to: Short Stories - Exiled Jack (+more).

You can expect stories...

…of Lost Sisters dragged to the Exiled Lands and separated:

(…) If I hadn’t been proud then, we would both be enjoying our luxuries, but now we have been banished, stripped, and crucified. Elajza must hate me now, but at least we die together.

And also a story titled Just for Blood which takes place on the Isle of Siptah, here’s an early piece:

(…) The helmsman’s blood spurted onto my coat. Ship’s rudder dripped by oil quickly caught the fire. There was no turning back. We’ll crash on this damn(!) island - as I planned.

If nothing bothers me, I will also try to add a story that happens outside the known regions of the game. We will follow the legendary barbarian to the dark underworld in Chains of Darkness:

(…) I stared at this beautifully ornate steel weapon when the old man greeted me with a strong slap to the face and explained our situation: The gods are furious and we are right in the middle of their battle.

The hardest thing for me will be to transfer a story from an old idea that was driven by events rather than written words. But I definitely have it on the radar. In the Babylon Horde, we will visit the Exiled Lands once more at a time when these lands were invaded by Babylon’s armies:

(…) All newcomers to these lands will be caught and begin working in the mines, to the glory of the Eternal God-King of Babylon.

If I have an interesting story idea I will probably post it here. And if there is interest in the topic, I will try to publish more and regularly.


Exiled Jack - Testament (1/8)

To anyone who can read…
They call me Exiled Jack, this is my last will.

If you find my body, you can take whatever you find with it.

I have no property or possessions. Anger, hatred and a desire for revenge these are the only things that was mine.

Before I die, there is only one thing I need to do, kill One-Eyed Luke!

Exiled Jack

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Exiled Jack - Plan (2/8)

To everyone looking for my grave…
I’m not dead yet, haven’t found a leads that would lead me to One-Eyed Luke.

Before I got to this place, I heard a story: Luke got caught and locked up in jail to kill someone he hated - I thought I’d do the same.

I know One-Eyed Luke is here, I’ll find him. He will pay with blood for everything he owes me.

Exiled Jack

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Exiled Jack - Truth (3/8)

To everyone interested in my story…
Have you heard the tales of One-Eyed Luke?

He sacrifice one of his eyes to knowing the future - when he found out what awaited him, he truly went mad.

He killed people and set fire to villages just for fun. He enslaved and sold people - the same thing happened to my Mother.

I am his son and my sword will end his story.

Exiled Jack

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Exiled Jack - Pain (4/8)

To anyone who doesn’t know yet…
I am the son of One-Eyed Luke.

Many who were hurt by my father punished me for what he did. I have suffered so much for a man I hated more than all of them.

I found out where he is, saw him from a distance.
Today I will be the executioner.

Exiled Jack

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Exiled Jack - Survival (5/8)

To the One-Eyed Luke…
Father, when you wake up your head will hurt a lot.

When I saw you up close, I thought I was looking in the mirror. Our looks are not the only things that unite us - in your left eye I saw a bloodlust equal to mine.

While you were unconscious you were plagued by nightmares that haunt me as well when I close my eyes.

I will not kill you. I will get out of these damned lands! I find a better purpose in life than revenge.

I will not be like you father.

Exiled Jack, your son

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Exiled Jack - Madness (6/8)

To Exile Jack…
Son, we are closer to each other than you think.

I hated my father as much as you hated me. I spared him when I was your age. I had two my eyes then, just like you.

You must know that time flows on its own ways in these lands. Let your legs lead you east, ask the gods about the future and try not to lose your mind. Know that the old gods will demand payment from the flesh.

One-Eyed Luke

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Exiled Jack - Gods (7/8)

To those I failed, while being alive…

I found a letter from my father, it bothers me, so I’m going to see my future. I leave everything I have in the chest next to the journal. I doubt that I will survive what awaits me after meeting the gods.

Exiled Jack

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Exiled Jack - Return (8/8)

To everyone who came to these lands…

After many years, I returned to this place where I learned my destiny. All the stories you have heard about me are true.

Join me or die by my hand.

Don’t look for me, wait, my right eye will find you soon.

One-Eyed Jack

Jack’s story is over, but there are more tragedies hidden under the cursed sand of Conan Exiles.

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Lost Sisters - Together (1/7)

Dear diary,

I describe everything as long as I still remember.

Finally, I found pages to write on, these lands are so uncivilized. Oh… I can’t stop thinking about my dear sister and that unfortunate masquerade - we were so happy.

If I hadn’t been proud then, we would both be enjoying our luxuries, but now we have been banished, stripped, and crucified. Elajza must hate me now, but at least we die together - at least that’s what I thought.

However, fate prepared for us much more suffering.

Where are you dear little sister?

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Lost Sisters - Slaves (2/7)

Dear diary,

I broke my fingernail, which is why I write awkwardly. This is terrible! Slave hunters saved us from certain death. They tied and pulled us like sacks of potatoes.

When we approached the river, I hit one of them with a stone - he fell off the slope and unfortunately dragged us into the water with him.

I’ve never taken such a cold bath. Aren’t these barbarians heating the water here?

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Lost Sisters - Meat (3/7)

Dear diary,

the natives fished me out. First they wanted to eat me, but found that I smell strange - they don’t know what’s good and they definitely don’t know perfumes.

After all, my language lessons came in handy.
I explained to the cannibals that my sister should be out there too - in the river.

They agreed to help and gave me something to wear.
The skirt is a bit short, but that’s the fashion here, apparently.

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Lost Sisters - Monster (4/7)

Dear diary,

the cannibals helped find the camp of the slave hunters who caught me and my sister - it was right on the edge of the river. However, we found dead bodies only.

When my hungry companions collected the leftovers meat, they brought me a lock of hair which they thought smelled as strange as I did - Elajza must have stolen my perfume, it’s unthinkable…

Again, I was left alone, natives didn’t want to help me anymore. They said some monkey had massacred the camp, they called it Yeti. But Yeti is just an aggressive, white bear with a flat snout, the encyclopedia cannot lie - it’s a damned book!

:memo: Edit : Approximate publication dates :hourglass_flowing_sand: added on thread first post in Details tab.

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Lost Sisters - Journey (5/7)

Dear diary,

the natives showed me a narrow way through the mountains, there I can look for the monster and maybe my sister’s traces. I know I have no chance against Yeti, but that doesn’t bother me. After all, the mind is the greatest weapon and my head is very big - especially with hair.

I made some traps using branches, twine and alcohol.
Now it’s enough to surround my camp with them.

Just wait for the monster to show up…
…blow up, that I mean.

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Lost Sisters - Screams (6/7)

Dear diary,

What have I done? I’m proud of myself but I really shouldn’t! The traps worked, knocked the beast down - it was wild, smelled like a hyena and screaming terribly. I finished this creature with a spear.
It didn’t look human - at least until morning.*

As dawn began, I recognized my sister’s beautiful hair. I don’t know what happened to Elajza, she went wild and covered with fur, but it was my little sister.

I buried her under a tree with my bare hands - I don’t know what else to do.

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Lost Sisters - Masquerade (7/7)

Dear Elajza,

I scattered the pages of the diary - let them explore the world. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you anymore and build a house here. When the time is right, we’ll meet again and dance like at a baron’s masquerade.

It was a beautiful ball, golden dresses, music and a sea of ​​wine. Do you remember when the baron proposed to you? You rejected him and bit his nose. Then I poured that wine over him - I knew if one of us married him, we would never see each other again. But fate separated us anyway.

I can’t wait for next dance. But this time do not bite anyone, you did it yesterday and it itches a lot.

I know you didn’t expect such an ending, but these lands are not friendly or fair at all.
Next time we will visit the far sea… just for blood.

removed screenshot

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:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :cookie:

A few news...

Close to the release of Just for Blood, you can expect the Making-of for Exiled Jack and Lost Sisters. There I will explain some details and reveal a few secrets.

For those who haven’t read previous short-s :shorts: (Exiled Jack, Lost Sisters and soon Just for Blood) yet, I warn you that Chains of Darkness will feature characters from these stories!

That’s not all, I am already announcing the next adventure that will take place in the Underworld.

Get ready for the Corrupted Archive preview:

(…) I don’t know who would like to live here of their own free will, yet people build bridges and hanging fortresses here.

If I want to go through a spider’s domain, I have to find an outcast they call…
“Block Spammer” - just by the name, I hate him already.

The Babylon Horde will come last - if I ever get to it. :flushed:


In view of my second year :cake: anniversary :partying_face: since I entered the forum, I have a special one-page :page_with_curl: story for you all.

Puzzle Trap (single)

I found out about a lonely golden gates that could hide an equally shiny treasures inside.
The mechanism that opens it consists of four levers that must be pulled in the right order.

I did not care about the screams of the unfortunates who somehow got trapped inside. I tested all the combinations and finally it’s time for me to fall into the trap too…

…the sand has revealed a hidden chamber just below the gate, my leg is broken and I can only count on the help I haven’t provided myself a moment ago.

If there is a corpse of a well-armed man next to this piece of paper,
congratulations. HA! You’ve found the author.

Good luck, screaming won’t help - I’ve already tried.

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Making-of Exiled Jack (spoilers)

:warning: Spoilers: The following text contains spoilers about the Exiled Jack story, and may also contain spoilers about the game itself, which inspired me to write it.

The following text...

At the very beginning, I want to say why I delayed writing another story for so long :sweat_smile: - it was because of Jack. I told myself that I would see how long it would take for Jack to receive 10 hearts :white_heart:, so I waited. In a year, Jack received 3 likes :heart: and I am not surprised that during this time a lot of cool topics were created in the Creative Corner section and Jack was not an outstanding work at all, but a short story. After this time, I realized that I wanted to write something much more than just receive any hearts. This is a breakthrough for this thread.

I know that I am not great at writing in English, so I also wanted to match the character with my skills, which are not free from spelling and grammar errors. Jack had to be an outcast, an ignoramus, a barbarian thinking only of survival, fighting and, of course, revenge - he could hardly write. I was even determined to make a few mistakes on purpose just to make the character more credible.

But why was Exiled Jack even made? Do you remember Building Contest: Tiny Homes Edition? The grand prize was 6 months of server and although I wasn’t counting on this prize, I knew if I won it, I want to use it well and create more than just a server open to everyone. I would create a lot of buildings on my server that players could destroy and loot, I would like to organize events and create a unique experience for everyone.
I thought :thought_balloon: that the Exiled Lands could be invaded by the armies of Babylon, surround the New Asagarth with siege, build a great pyramid in the desert and wall around the safe zone, as if the army actually caught newcomers to work in the mine (It is possible that someday I will describe the ideas that were supposed to be happening on the server in the form of short stories). Exiled Jack was supposed to be a series of notebooks that I would add to the server, the photos next to the notes show the exact places where those logs would go and I actually wanted to leave Jack’s equipment in the chest for players to find. Of course it ended with a runner up prize, but I wrote the story so I could publish it.

Will you be shocked when I say that Jack’s story is not a fantasy, but a science fiction? Suggested by a certain NPC to talk to in the Exiled Lands, which suggests that not all characters and events in the game make sense or proper chronology, and I took advantage of this disorder. Jack has so much to do with his father as if they were really one person, at some point he go back in time. However, I didn’t want to impose science fiction on anyone, so I turned a few photos on the notes so that father and son would have eye patch on two different sides. I wanted to explain the whole story so that the father deceived his son that he was himself - it was not difficult because the children often repeat their parents’ mistakes. After all, the story could have been an ordinary fantasy and science fiction story, at the same time. The reader chooses for himself whether he believes in Jack’s time travel or not.

For me, Jack is a victim and a real villain :japanese_goblin: of this story is the environment / people around that oppressed Jack for his father’s actions. This is how I wanted to highlight the hate that is present not only on the Internet, but also unnecessary aggression on a daily basis, on the roads, in the media and so on. I believe that the main catalyst for this is not understanding each other, if we were to try to understand each other more, we could cooperate instead of drifting apart.

Showing / explaining / expressing yourself :clown_face: to others what and why you are doing something, why it is important to you, is needed for understanding :heart_eyes: to arise.

I will write another Making-of (about the Lost Sisters) soon and reveal further plans for my stories.

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