Short sword: Add some kind of condition

I know as proposed there was a desire to wait and see how the shortsword is used before adding off-hand combos, knockdown, bleed, sunder, and/or cripple to the short sword, but please consider adding something as a placeholder that will trigger the 2nd tier Strength perk. If you aren’t applying a condition and don’t have a partner or thrall that is, the weapon is missing out on the 25% damage boost and will seldom be used.

What if the short swords don’t do much damage but have a high percent of armour penetration?

I would love a bleed on the 2nd and 3rd light chain. It would make a cool playstyle where you go in for small quick jabs and back of and repeat. It’s how these swords often were used.

The main reason i don’t use short sowrd is because they need repairing considerably more often than my weapons of choise. Other wise, i’d use short sowrd alot more as i think they work pretty well as is.

That said, short sowrd do have an interresting effect dispite not having bleeds or sundder or whatelse : they stun-lock on light attack due to high speed.

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