Short Sword Animation

Love it. Has it always been this way or was it updated?
I’ve never used the short sword before.
Does it always do this? LOL


Lmao :joy:

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Yes. This is why Roman Legions (the only organized army in history that used a short sword as their primary line weapon) were able to conquer the world. Their enemies died laughing.


@JJDancer , you know , it took me more than 2 years to break the axe taboo . Ofcurce when I first started Conan my favourite combo was the great sword combo , it was awesome . I first use short sword with the arrival of Argos dlc , it was cool but like the great axe and the katana they are the less usage weapons for my playstyle . I am pretty sure that these weapons hide beautiful skilled fights still , I always keep repeating myself in this game and give all my trust to war axe .

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