Should Exiles Standard version be the same size as Testlive?

I bought Conan Exiles on sale yesterday early afternoon, and it required 71.78 GB to download. I downloaded it, but when I went to play it it said it was something called Conan Exiles Testlive Client. A friend of mine went to buy it and it was not available for purchase. Fast forward to today. He bought it and found two entries in Steam. One was just Conan Exiles and one was Conan Exiles Testlive Client. He is downloading Conan Exiles, and it said it required 104 GB. I checked and today I also have two entries in Steam. I told Steam to download the ordinary Conan Exiles and it said it required 104 GB but it is just downloading 71.78 GB again. I checked the properties and it does not have any beta branch selected. I uninstalled both versions from Steam and told it to download just Conan Exiles, and the same result. needs 104 GB, but starts downloading 71.78 GB. At this point my character is toast, I am sure, but she was probably going to need to be restarted anyway. I just want to be running the real program and not some beta version.

You often need more space, since it has to unpack from “download” spot to the “install” spot. Extra Space to move stuff as needed.

Console versions need full install space open. 100gb game needs 200gbs of free spaces. =/
(Suppose help with install errors)


This is correct the download is about 71 GB but when unpacked and installed it is about 104 GB. As long as you are downloading the main client (not the one labelled testlive) and you for betas you have selected none, you are playing the base game (live client).

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