Should Siptah be stand alone?

Given Siptah is behind a paywall, which limits how many people will be playing on it. I think Funcom should make it a stand alone expansion where you get the stuff found on Siptah and only Siptah if you don’t own the base game (This includes Recipes etc)

Going forward to keep the Siptah player base healthy it should be stand alone. My server went from being full in a week to now 1/4 of what is is. Then again nobody being able to get high tier thralls is also an problem.

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Arent most items in Siptah from CE anyway? :slight_smile: That would make the game kinda empty…

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Low playerbase on Siptah is mostly the cause of the following issues:

  • Thrall spawn from T2 are extremely low
  • The map has less biomes, for some of us this is a big deal
  • The grindfest for dungeons
  • Empty endchests in dungeons
  • The excessive amount of griefing (undermeshing, demon pulling, killing thralls, stealing thralls, and more)
  • The lack darkness on a dark demon infested Ilse

It has a lot of good things too, but they get overshadowed by the bad things.

We have to wait for Funcoms devs to fix the issues, I still think the map has geat potential and I like playing on it, just as much as on the Exiled Lands.

Did n’t they promise an update this month?

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I’ve never been a fan of FUNCOM but I think you need to realize its more or less a polished Alpha. It has some very broken mechanics, one or two brilliant ideas, has maybe 20 to 30% of finished content, but really good artwork and music scores. Um, you would have to ask FC when they are going to finished it all.

Also, it is geared toward grouping and not solo play, that much is obvious. It is also not much of a survival game either.

I only want to play Siptah.
No reason install all the BS from the other game.
Roughly 108GB to install Siptah because you’re forced to install the base game.
That’s BS and lazy development.
Siptah is about 20GB.

I won’t even consider buying this until I don’t need to install un-needed data.

Have fun playing Siptah with no game engine, no character models/progression, no crafting, no items, no weapons, most of the terrain assets missing etc.

Siptah is only 20GB, because it re-uses almost everything from the base game, and just adds a few extra bits on top. The base game is just over 100GB because it includes all of the assets for all of the dlcs, including Siptah, because all of them are shared - and you need all of those asset files or you won’t be able to see or interact with any of those things if they were in use on a server - if someone builds a building with Khitan walls, you wouldn’t be able to see it, you would pass through like a ghost.

In order for Siptah to be a functional standalone game, it would need to contain all of the assets and base code that are required for Siptah - which would mean more or less all of the assets and base code. In other words, a standalone version of Siptah would come in at around 100GB. If you were to create a special version that bans all other DLCs, you could maybe shave that down to 70-80GB. Plus the price would have to be considerably higher, as now it would have to cover whatever licensing is used to pay for Unreal Engine (since that is included as part of the ‘base game’), and the perceived value of all the assets you would be getting, and the time and work required to ‘cut away’ the few little bits of the Exiled Lands that could be removed without breaking everything.

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Siptah definitely PLAYS like a standalone, but we’ll see. Launching it as a standalone when it is marketted as an expansion could cause confusion.

The population issues stem largely from funcom’s commitment to absolutely bonkers balancing and mechanics implementations. We’ll see if any of that changes, I know my group and I are absolutely tapped out until they change it.

They can’t even remain focus enough to finish a bug fix and you all want more split attention by having two separate game : feature teams

Have you all learned nothing so far?

Honestly I openly wonder at the IQ levels on display in this forum at times

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