Siptah the map, free for all players

So like the title says , Now that you have a bazzaar up. I believe it may be in your best interest to consider making siptah map free , and keep the building and the armor set still require to be purchased …

Right now your having playerbase issue with PC. And by making Siptah free you can get more players and more Private server using siptah. You need to generate new player base for the bazzaar to be worth it.

This is all Pros here
The only con would be that you would have to redesign it and change the coding up a bit

This will help to retain player by folds… There a reason why hardly any private server want to run siptah over Savagewild mod.

Forgot to add this in , Any player that gotten siptah dlc before will get a 1200 crom coin as a special thank you… So these player doesnt feel like they wasted their decision on buying this.

most of the player base problem is how the ban hammer works (that drives most away) and the consistent bugs that never get fixed (which drives pvp away)…
2nd comes the nerf of stuff in pve (that mostly derives from pvp complains AND funcoms inability to understand that when interfering they do not HAVE TO make things useless)…

has nothing to do with map of ios


regardless of the pvp being driven away , remember when we had that free week and people played and some of them stayed …

its a bit like that but just a new map to explore … im talking adding 20 hrs of more gameplay and the pvp of it can push it to 120 to 300 hrs give n take.

And server owner will be more incline to make a solo server map of siptah but the only reason why private owners doesnt … is because at the very moment its gated from any new player that want to play.

I like the idea of the map being FTP, but for pvp specific reasons. There’s no question that Siptah gear is better than Exiled lands gear, and giving everyone access to it means no more pay to win.

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True and im sure Funcoms internal metrics shows this as well.

if they do that (make map free and keep the building / armour/ placeables locked behind paywall , then they will have to cut the dlc price at half to be on par with the rest (as it will offer what the rest dlcs will).

extremely high doubdts that this will happen… IoS map in my understanding was created with pvp in mind and its original intention was pvp alone (i believe its purpose was to draw most pvp players in an enviroment suited for constant conflict. was a mega fail and that is why it has been reworked. the fact that they did not took under consideration the imbalances it would create was purely FC’s mistake (or tencent’s as the dlc was the 1st published under tencent) because MANY experienced pvp player warned FC about imbalances that exist in map (the fact that vault recipes and eldarium armour makes EL gear simply not worthing the investment) and laters on when they were about to open the transfers MANY also warned that this will be purely p2w. yet fc did not listened at all.
for me the map should be free with a transfer from one map to another being possible (even mods exist that can do that) and the dlc should be priced down to what the rest r. (the extra money we payed for the effort of creating a new map was payed at the release of dlc, and the revenue it does now i believe is too insignificant to be taken into consideration compared to the ones who will stay because of this change and their future purchase of ios armours/building only dlc. BUT fc has not made any change in ANY dlc after their release (with the exception of khitan dlc) , so i highly doubdt that they will do anything like that.

Have you guys played Siptah?

This suggestion would require an entire rework of how recipes work and how knowledge is learned. Most if not all of the recipes are able to be learned outside of your normal knowledge unlocks. They would have to rework the entire way schematic fragments work, create some system to lock recipes, and prevent people from learning vault recipes in order to separate recipes from the map.

You know what this would ultimately do? Lead to a dozen topics on these forums of people complaining that they couldn’t access the recipes on the map and that Funcom was trying to get money from them for gear that should have been free too.

I don’t personally care at this point if they make it free, but it really wouldn’t be as simple as maybe you think to separate the two things.

without looking behind the scene i cannot answer on how hard or how easy.

Given the state of things , and how they have the bazzaar set up. I mean i am looking it as a whole , scarificing a map dlc price to draw in much bigger crowd would do them far more good at this point. Simply because they can swap alot of thier dead Exiles land server into Isle of siptah , and then make two map server to cross link with each other via map transfer you could have a more sustaining official ecom , and private server would have more to work with. As it currently stands the only reason to anyone to buy IoS DLC is just for the armor and building , most and many of them ive spoke with hate the map and its low population to actually you know populate it.

And the fact that recipes and item in IOS dlc that isnt in the DLC but part of basegame can make it through onto EL. Just by opening up the siptah will bring in FAR more revenue because all we got as far as term of profit making im gonna include console too , is just one map , and then four diffferent map to cycle through on PC , that is AOC , EEWA , EL , SW. Having one more map to open up to everyone means you get player retention , people play the map , Having wider audience to give feed back on the map better.

And i do agree that just by seperating the two, lower the cost but considering how well done IoS gear and building are id would bring it up a little more costly since its one of their best dlc in term of DLC armor and building alone.

I already said I couldn’t care less what they do with the map.

I simply said separating the recipes from the map would likely take some level of development, which would be a cost.

And I genuinely don’t think opening the map up is going to spur any new source of income. It may do the opposite with the proposed reimbursement of 1200 Crom coins, costing them money that may have been made in that regard. Besides if you say people you’ve talked to hate the map, why would it?

I personally loved the isle of siptah after they added the southern islands.

The cynic in me also can’t help but feel this is just some rationalization for getting the map for free.

I’ve already paid for the DLC (I really wanted the Stormglass and Flotsam sets lol) and didn’t have a problem with Siptah until the transfers came. Once Siptah gear found its way to the exiled lands, the game balance went out the window. I don’t like the Siptah map much, at least not when on a pvp server, so I didn’t want to spend too much time there, especially since my playtime is limited on most weekdays due to work. I simply don’t have the time to manage both an exiled lands base and a siptah base. The ten-man clans, on the other hand, have all the siptah gear in the world.

All of this rambling is to say this: I’d be fine with Siptah staying as a paid DLC if server transfers didn’t take Siptah gear to the exiled lands. As it is, it’s Pay-To-Win and I dislike that immensely

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