IDEA - Make Siptah Free

As Siptah has been out for a while now and probably recovered the initial development costs maybe it could now be free for everyone.

This would also solve any problems with server transfer giving players an advantage and maybe help in getting server transfer back sooner.

Players could then work in the Exiled lands to remove their bracelet but instead of the crazy reward (spoiler :hushed:) of their character being reset it would instead unlock Siptah.

I paid for the early use of the Siptah map and like many others wouldn’t mind if it became a free for all at some stage :grin::grin:

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But how is this a viable business strategy? It’s one thing to recoup initial cost, and another to remain profitable.

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Seems many people want everything for free. :man_shrugging:t2:


Want a NEW free map? Go play savage wilds…


It could be a viable business strategy in that it may help with player retention. New players are more likely to join an active game and existing players are less likely to leave because of unfair advantages. Higher player populations would most likely increase the chances of Bazaar and Battle Pass purchases.

I have already purchased Siptah, so no i am not asking for something for free for myself, i am asking for something for free for everyone else. This would help end the discussion that Siptah and server transfer created a pay to win strategy and could also help speed up the return of the much requested server transfer.

I like the idea and have suggested something along the lines myself…
Well not actually giving the entire dlc for free, but make the Siptah map free and keep the building sets and armors as a buyable dlc.
In my opinion it could open up a better transfer system if the maps were paired servers where you could travel freely between within a map pair, however general character transfer between random servers should be butt naked, no inventory, just the character with learned recipes. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it could be considered a viable business strategy, but I think with their current monetization, especially the Bazaar, it would make sense to attract as many possible customers as possible.

If you look at some of the current sets in the Bazaar…

  • Disciples of Zar which contains 2 armor sets, 2 Daggers, 2 saddles, 2 pet skins and 2 emotes at sale price of 2142 crom coins that is almost the same price as 2 cultural dlc’s, and to top it of it is actually not really 2 of each since the armor sets, daggers, saddles and pet skins are just recolors of same items.

  • Setite Cultist set which contains 1 armor set and 3 emotes at a sales priced of 1204 crom coins which is slightly more than a cultural dlc.

These examples is not to start a discussion on the pricing, but more serve as an example of how Funcom is trying to fund the future of the game, and since I don’t see a general drop in price since the release of this new monetization model, I guess they must generate an acceptable profit from it, and in my opinion it is way more important to keep a decent playerbase and hopefully attract more potential customers for their Bazaar :slight_smile:
I highly doubt they can keep the game going with just a yearly Age of… and some events, at some point people probably will get tired of everything taking place on the same playgrounds(maps) that we have now.



Most of the player made maps have far better progression than the RNG of Siptah.

If new players played Siptah as their first map, they would likely stop playing. So I think this would have the opposite intended effect.


The only way Siptah and the main game are ever free from then on is if they shut down Funcom servers in their entirety and all new updates cost money. That would eliminate their costs for anything that doesn’t generate revenue. I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one. It’s not like Siptah is expensive.

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Basically Siptah is about as expensive as buying an addon building set from bazaar. SIgnificantly more bang for the buck. I really don’t se any benefit to making it free, unless they have turned the bazaar into a massive revenue stream. If it ever did take off then for sure, the main EL map and siptah should be free, to sucker in as many people as possible for the bazaar.

A number of other games dropped initial purchase and subscription model in favor of micro transactions. Tencent just didn’t get the memo that “micro” meant small.

Like i said previously the benefit would be to end any advantage that Siptah may have given over standard players and hopefully help to get server transfer back sooner.

An example of something similar would be Elite Dangerous. They introduced a dlc that included planetary landing and engineering. This originally gave dlc players an advantage but after the development costs were recovered the dlc was made free which boosted player numbers.

Basically the more customers that you get inside the shop the more chance you have of potential sales.

No advantage from the dlc, players are happy, more customers in the shop, Funcom is happy unless they only want 10 cents and then they are not happy :rofl:

This assumes there’s a problem with player retention.

And this is just a leap of faith.

You know, I dislike the new monetization a lot. But let’s not pretend this is anything more than asking for a freebie.

Yeah, it would “solve” the advantage that Siptah gear has – an advantage they’ve pretty much eliminated by getting rid of the server transfer. Yeah, it would probably generate some good will among the players.

But it’s not a shrewd business strategy you’re making it out to be. You know the BS logic that the corporations use when they’re talking about “lost potential sales” to “prove” how sharing content is bad for their bottom line? You’re using their same BS logic in reverse: trying to sell them the idea that giving Siptah away for free will result in net increase in “potential sales”.

Call a spade a spade: you want Siptah for free :man_shrugging:

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Well ok I’m chiming in.

Base game should be free. Why? Revenue strategy is based on an ingame currency exchange that does little if you paywall it behind a significant game cost.

Siptah? Nope. I am betting it hasn’t reached ROI yet. It sort fell flat all things considered.

Oh and hey…that’s my culture you’re insulting there. I don’t put it in those nice of terms…I tend to ask “how much are we hemorrhaging?” Or “ok genius, figure out how you are getting that back by EoM”…but still…my people are insulted. A curse on your dividends.

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What? They made horizons free? :stuck_out_tongue: Wonder what else happened… stopped paying attention after they introduced the stupid shooter stuff and ruined VR :smiley:
(anyway this is off-topic, feel free to carry on)

As for Siptah… I think that would only happen if the devs would find a way to link the 2 maps. Currently they’re completely separate and they don’t even have transfers anymore, so they have no reason to make it free.

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Nope- you talk about unfair advantage of veteran players. Thats BS since a newb can actually get to where i am on an official server as long as they put in the time to learn the game properly, not watch a youtube video about it.

Ive been here since the beginning of this game. As have many others.

Helped fund it by buying every piece of DLC and expansion in this case.

Pay for it like everyone else.

And if you dont want to, there are 3 other maps that are completely free to use.

Not only that, some of these free maps have connected these servers so you can go to all of them with just one character.

EL and IOS are not exactly the same on purpose.

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Why does everyone keep saying that i want a freebie LOL if you actually read what i wrote, i have stated on multiple occasions that i have bought Siptah.

What i was suggesting was that by making it free for all any advantages from Siptah would be removed and this could also help to get server transfer back even in its original form once other bugs have been fixed.

I too have supported the game since early access and i have ridiculous amounts of game time. So also just to clarify, i am not a noob LOL.

What advantages do you speak of ?

Server transfers- people have lost characters in limbo- thats game breaking. Its why it was suspended.

While this one supports including the Siptah map in the cost of the base game (much in the same way that, years after release, many MMOs add dlc zones to the base game) this one would keep certain goodies (Stormglass building set and Slave Forged gear styles) as an add on dlc.

Having both maps included, however, would not necessarily bring back server transfers or ensure parity of development between the maps.
While this one will certainly not oppose the idea that transfers are deliberately not being worked on to avoid the issue of Siptah gear on Exiled Lands servers, there are other possibilities as well, such as the stated ones.

Previous stream statements that hypothetical future maps or map expansions would not be paywall locked indicate that a lesson was learned from the whole kerfluffle… But this one doubts that lesson will impel anyone to go back and fix the flaws.

Weapons and Armour gave advantages no one on the Exiled lands had.

Yes loosing characters in limbo was a problem even though it was an easy to fix. One message to Zendesk and your character was back in a couple of days. I think that the problem was that it was creating extra work for Zendesk as it kept reoccurring.

I see, so its a PvP issue. Because it sure isnt a PvE issue since im on both types of servers.

So because its a PvP issue then even more of reason to keep it as it is. Pay for the Expansion.

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