Siege Cauldrons broken

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Since most people don’t use these, this is likely going unnoticed, but siege cauldrons are not working. I have an interior base design which funnels people down halls with Cauldrons above. Upon testing, they do not damage to anyone below, yet they consume tar each time they are poured. There is no VFX, Sound, or damage effect when it is triggered. Please let us know if there is a fix upcoming or if they are not being supported because we’ve put resources into this defense and don’t want to break it down if possible.

Steps on how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create a one by one enclosure with a doorway on opposite sides and foundation on the other two.
  2. build up foundations so the chamber is 2-3 high
  3. Add crenelations to two sides above the foundations
  4. Add anti-climb fences to the sides above the doorways
  5. Place siege cauldrons on the crenelations.
  6. Fill siege cauldrons with 25 tar.
  7. Activate Siege Cauldrons.
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