Siege Foundation loses stability

Online official server
USA 1822
Revision 126893/20805

This issue is still happening. Just happened to me today. Lost trebuchet and everything that was inside it, including ammunition, explosive jars and raw materials. Latest thread was last October. This is what the admin said about it:
“I think it has something to do on how the structures are loaded into the server, like the trebuchet loads before the foundations, so it finds itself “floating” in the air and get destroyed.”
Please advise if there’s a workaround, or fix status.

  1. Build a trebuchet on a building
  2. Wait a few days
  3. It’s gone. Event log just says lost stability. Everything in it gone too, not noted on log at all.
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This just happened to us on our PS4 Official dedicated servers as well

Hey there,

We’re going to bring this up again with our team to see what could be the case.
Thanks for your feedback.

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