Siege Foundations still disappearing

Online official server
USA 1822
After latest anniversary patch

This issue is still happening. Just happened to me Monday. Lost trebuchet and everything that was inside it. The latest anniversary patch description said it included a bug fix fixing placeables losing stability, but trebuchets are still disappearing so I thought I would report that.
Also made a new discovery: I noticed that when I first log in, sometimes the trebuchet is still there, and I can see it from a distance. It doesn’t actually lose stability and disappear until I go walk up near it. And then it’s gone.

  1. Build a trebuchet on a building
  2. Wait a few days
  3. Log in. It might still be there and visible from a distance if your log in location is far away from it.
  4. Go and walk up closer to it. Boom – It’s gone. Event log says lost stability. Everything in it gone, but items lost are now noted in event log as loot bag.
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Hey @Molaar

We’re aware of this stability issue affecting placeables (not only siege foundations) and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the frustration.

Worth noting that this issue might not be happening on PVP servers. I made a character on USA 1824 PVP and so far, trebuchet up on top of a building is holding.
If PVP servers are free from placeable stability problems happening on PVE, perhaps that’s helpful to debugging the issue.

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Unfortunately I spoke too soon. The trebuchet on the 1824 PVP server has now lost stability and disappeared as well in the same way. :frowning:

Lost trebucet for no reason, it’s sitting on solid foundations 3 high, all week it’s been fine…then today, siege foundation lost stability! How? In official PVE #3528, plus what stability issues did last patch fix because I’m still glitchy, dead bodies still disappear and if I run then slow down…I end up 5 steps ahead, died a few times from this!

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