Silent legion armor recipe?

What lvl do I need to be to be able to read the silent legion armor I was 51 when I beat him an it said I had to be able to use star metal before I could learn it that’s 55 right?

go down in to the sink hole learn star metal tools recipe then go back for the silent legion recipe

I thought the recipe in the sink holes was for dragon weapons ?


You are right mate sorry my bad (long time :slight_smile: ) i think you can learn it at lvl 55

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You can read the recipe tablets at any level Chaos. The tablets containing it (if I remember correctly there are 5 in total), are at the end of the Black Keep, in the Frozen North. They are in the boss room with the Kinscourge. The only real requirement is that you can either evade or defeat the Kinscourge and his undead minions on your way there. However, as Silent Leigon Armour is an Exiles Epic set, you wont be able to build it, or the Improved Armourers bench needed to construct it, until lvl 60. This is to the best of my recollection, and was a while ago for me. So anyone please feel free to correct me if I am wrong here.


No worries florin thank I got trying to help I appriate that

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I beat the black keep dungeon at lvl 51 but when I read all the stones it said you need to learn star metal. To b honest I never checked to c if I actual learned the recipe I just assumed I’d have to beat it again lol I’ll check first thing tonight thank u crom

You get it from the Stone tablets in Black Keep, it’s not a requirement to kill the boss though, just run around and click on the tablets. But I don’t see any point in getting those if you are not 60, you can’t craft the armor before that so it’s normal the game not to let you learn it before 60 (just like with all other unique armors)

There is no need to read all the tablet. 1 tablet will get you all the recipies.
Killing the boss is only need to craft the weapon.

Yeah I’ve beaten him to get his heart twice I love both the swords Ivan craft from it I’m 59 an a half now I wanted to see the ending of thegameso I beat it an restarted just getting all there recipes back couldn’t remember exact requiements for it but I’ll b able ti check tonight if I’ve got the recipe for the armor ,me an my wife beat it when I was lvl51 so don’t wanna drag her back up there to kill him again if we don’t have to lol she’s not a fan of that dungeon thanks guys

Okay see I thought that like one tablet taught u boots an gloves another chest an legs for armor the center one taught u weapons an helm ?

You are right as far as i know. Each tablet teacehs a piece. And you have to be level 55, and have opened up the star metal pick. Or at least you used to, because i made the mistake before thinking level 55 was automatic star metal. Respeced to fight kingscourge, and didn’t open that recipe. Didn’t get the recipe:/

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Damn thank u yeah I’m finally 59 again an respeced for all star meatballs tools I love star metal tools cant wait to hit 60 get my star metal pickaxe back lol

I only used the center tablet and I got all the armor and the weapon.

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Freaky lol that’s funny is the dragon bone weapons on the sinkhole the same way just go down read recipe an run an u can make it or do I have to defeat the dragon

I’m on ps4 aswell just wanna make that clear in case there’s a difference like to get the recipe for the kingslayer daggers it wouldn’t let me read the tablet til I killed the burrow king same with black ice tools an the frost giant King

Correct regarding the Dragonbone recipes my friend. But in my experience, the same principle applied with the Black Ice and Obsidian weapon recipes; you can simply read the recipes and then run away. Have they changed this now? Its been quite a while for me.

Is the Obsidian recipe stone not behind the boss’s forcefield? I never checked…

No its not.

You only to kill the undead dargon of you want the Star champion item.
To get dragonbone to make the weapon in the recipe you can kill the small dragons in the Unamed City.